NEW YORK, JAN. 11 -- NBC and CNN said today that their news crews will stay in Baghdad as long as they're allowed to, despite the evacuation of foreigners from the Iraqi capital.

CBS was considering the matter and ABC would not comment.

An estimated 200 Americans, including 40 journalists, remained in the city today, four days before the Jan. 15 deadline for Iraq to leave Kuwait or face attack from a U.S.-led military alliance.

Not all the network journalists in Baghdad are Americans.

"We're staying," said NBC News spokeswoman Katherine McQuay. She said NBC has six people in Baghdad, including correspondent Tom Aspell.

Cable News Network has a seven-member team there, including correspondent John Holliman.

"They'll try to stay there as long as possible if allowed by the Iraqis," said CNN spokesman John Bianchi.

CBS has correspondent Scott Pelley and a small support staff there, said spokesman Tom Goodman. No decision has yet been made on whether they'll stay or will be ordered out by the network, he said.

"Any decision obviously will be made with safety and security considerations in mind," Goodman said.

ABC won't discuss how many staff members it has in Bagdhad or whether they'll be withdrawn, said spokesman Arnot Walker.

NBC said it will air continuous 24-hour coverage if war breaks out, while CBS and ABC officials say their networks will offer continuous coverage for as long as news developments warrant.