IN RECENT YEARS, Conway Twitty has toured with George Jones and Merle Haggard as his opening acts. Coming on after those two brilliant singers, Twitty lent new meaning to the word "anti-climax."

It's not that Twitty has a bad voice; it's just that he goes for the cheapest sentiment and shallowest interpretation in every situation. The latest situation is his new album "Crazy in Love."

People who don't listen to much country music harbor this misconception that everything that comes out of Nashville has the same sing-song melody, the same clip-clop beat and one more pun on the theme of broken marriages. Twitty's new album fits this stereotype to a T. Whether it's "I'm Tired of Being Something (That Means Nothing to You)," "What's Another Goodbye (To a Fool like Me)" or "One Bridge I Didn't Burn," every song is an apologetic or self-pitying male confession that panders to Twitty's largely female audience.

It's a tribute to Twitty's boundary-crossing blandness that he can sing Michael Bolton's pop-metal ballad, "Just the Thought of Losing You," and make it fit comfortably next to the tearjerkers by Nashville's worst hacks.