LOS ANGELES -- As if Paramount Pictures didn't have enough trouble with Art Buchwald's suit over its hit movie "Coming to America," it's now been sued by an African prince too.

Prince Oman Oba Adele Mouftaou recently filed suit claiming that Eddie Murphy stole his true-life story in making the movie. Mouftaou said he came to the United States from the Ivory Coast 10 years ago in search of a bride who would marry him for himself and not his title and money. Mouftaou said in court papers he told Murphy of his romantic adventures. Yesterday he sought to add Murphy, as an individual, to the suit that already includes Eddie Murphy Productions and Paramount.

Joseph Baer, an attorney representing Mouftaou, who is also known as "Prince Johnny," said his client submitted his own script to Eddie Murphy Productions, but learned later that Murphy had already written one himself and given it to Paramount Pictures without his permission.

The movie, a blockbuster hit about an African prince blundering about New York in search of a wife, starred Murphy and Arsenio Hall.

The real-life prince now lives in Los Angeles, where he is an aspiring actor and scriptwriter.

And his search for a bride?

"He's still looking," Baer said.