President Bush quickly backed away from the microphone yesterday after brief remarks on the signing at the White House of a proclamation declaring next week to be National Adoption Week. "We must make adoption a higher priority in this nation, at every level of government," he said, and left the Roosevelt Room before any questions could be lobbed at him. He was perhaps reflecting on the incident from the previous day, when he unwittingly spoke into an open mike after a teleconference and revealed how scripted his question-and-answer session with a Christian schools convention had been.

During his opening remarks at yesterday's ceremony, Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan was perhaps thinking about that incident and Sen. Bob Kerrey's untoward joke recently caught by a live microphone. As he spoke, a young boy in the audience meandered up to the podium and looked up. Sullivan got a laugh saying, "Yes, fella, that's a microphone -- and I think it's open."

Wedding Bells for Berle

Milton Berle, legendary radio and television pioneer, married Lorna Adams Tuesday at his Beverly Hills home. The two were engaged in September. "I asked her what she wanted for her birthday," said the comedian Tuesday. "Her only wish was to be married." The 50-year-old Adams is Berle's third wife and runs her own fashion design business. Berle, 83, lost his wife of 35 years, Ruth, to cancer in 1989.

Randy Jackson Confined for Beatings

Randy Jackson, brother of pop superstar Michael Jackson, was ordered to a Los Angeles area hospital lock-up Thanksgiving Eve for wife-beating.

Jackson, 30, the youngest son in the Jackson family, surrendered before Municipal Court Judge James Kaddo, with family patriarch Joseph Jackson and brother Jermaine at his side.

The judge ordered him to spend the next 30 days in Pine Grove Hospital in suburban Canoga Park, Calif., where he will begin domestic violence counseling.

Deputy City Attorney Susan Schmitter argued the hospital wasn't secure enough to hold Jackson, whom she described as a violent batterer, but the judge said Jackson deserved another chance.

Eliza Shaffy Jackson, 28, who appeared in court with the couple's daughter, Steveanna, said she was unhappy that Jackson wasn't going to jail and said she would file for divorce soon.

Third Child for Robin Williams

Robin Williams, whose portrayal of a grown-up Peter Pan should liven up the holidays, has become a father for the third time. His wife, Marsha, gave birth to an 8-pound 6-ounce boy named Cody on Monday in San Francisco. They also have a daughter, Zelda, 2. He has another son by a previous marriage.

Arlo at Alice's: Life Imitating Art

Folk singer Arlo Guthrie has gotten permission from the Great Barrington, Mass., zoning board to move his offices into the former home of Alice Brock, who owned Alice's Restaurant, the eatery Guthrie made famous in his song of the same name more than 20 years ago. The town's selectmen unanimously approved the change Tuesday, and Guthrie, son of folk legend Woody Guthrie, will move his offices from the nearby town of Washington to the converted church where Brock once lived. At hearings last week, Guthrie promised there would be no scenes like those from the 1969 movie version of "Alice's Restaurant," some of which were filmed at the former church. "No motorcycles in and out the front door" said zoning board member George T. Beebe. "We gotta remember that the movie was a movie," said the 44-year-old Guthrie. "I never had a bike there."

Suit Against Steve Garvey

Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres baseball star Steve Garvey was sued yesterday by Rebecka Mendenhall, who says he fathered her 2-year-old child. The suit filed in L.A. Superior Court says she was engaged to Garvey when she became pregnant with her child, Slade, who was born Oct. 13, 1989. Garvey broke off the relationship before the child was born, Mendenhall says, and married Candace Thomas. In 1989 Garvey admitted to fathering the children of two women out of wedlock, including Mendenhall's baby, and promised child support payments. But according to Mendenhall's attorney Stephen Kolodny, Garvey has not formally acknowledged the child as his or offered any support.