ONCE AGAIN, class is in session. Hip-hop's "teacher" and lead rapper of Boogie Down Productions, KRS-One is back at the podium, lecturing to DJ Kenny Parker's nastiest funk beats and ragamuffin rhythms on BDP's new album, "Sex and Violence."

On the current hit single "13 and Good" -- which humorously has KRS's and other people's voices interacting with a sampled voice in the hook -- relates an incident of a man who (unbeknownst to him) has sex with a minor, then later finds her father threatening him with sodomy. If you followed the Mike Tyson trial or the New York Mets rape investigation, check out KRS's take on the validity of some females' rape claims on the ragamuffin cut "Say Gal": "You're creepin' and sleepin' with a star/First you do the nasty/Then 'He raped me.' "

But the major vibes on this release are KRS's macho tirades against the "sucker MCs" he sees commercializing hip-hop on "Duck Down" and "Like a Throttle"; his defense of his "humanist philosophy" and rebuttal of X-Clan's Professor X the Overseer's previous criticism in the irresistibly funky "Build and Destroy"; and his putting Christianity on trial in "Poisonous Products" and the most adventurous cut, the haunting "The Real Holy Place."

BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS FEATURING KRS-ONE -- "Sex and Violence" (Boogie Down Productions). Appearing Sunday at the 9:30 club. To hear a Sound Bite from this album, call 202/334-9000 and press 8129.