* Roger Clinton says it's official: He'll marry Molly Martin (who's expecting his child this spring) on March 26. The renegade brother of Bill Clinton tells "American Journal" in an interview to be broadcast Monday that the president will be his best man and that he changed the wedding date to accommodate him. He also denies reports that he was rebuffed on a White House wedding. "We were asked to get married at the White House ... and we said no," he says. "I was afraid that it would turn into a media event." The nuptials will be in Dallas.

* Ailing Rep. William Natcher checked out of Bethesda Naval Hospital yesterday to preserve his 40-year House voting record. An aide brought the 84-year-old Appropriations Committee chairman to the floor in a wheelchair to cast two votes -- for a grand total of 18,393 since the Kentucky Democrat took office. "I'm going to stay and serve," Natcher told reporters when asked if he had any plans to relinquish his seat or chairmanship.

* A contingent of Kennedys was in Northern Ireland yesterday to support Paul Hill, the husband of Courtney Kennedy-Hill. He was in court appealing a '74 sentence for participating in the Irish Republican Army terrorist murder of a former British soldier. Among those on hand in the Belfast court: Courtney, her mother, Ethel Kennedy, and brother Rep. Joe Kennedy, as well as several sisters. Jean Kennedy Smith, Courtney's aunt, is U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Ireland. Hill, 39, was also a member of the "Guildford Four," on whom the movie "In the Name of the Father" is based, and served 15 years in prison on charges he was involved in IRA bombings; the conviction was overturned in '89.

* Top-notch flutist James Galway stopped midway through a concert last week in Nashville to ask those in the audience to cover their mouths if they had to cough. Said Galway, "I don't want your plague."

Four uninspired robbers in Rio de Janeiro thought they'd been caught in the act by a drug gang Tuesday, and became so rattled that they called police from the scene of the crime and begged to be arrested. Before the police arrived, however, they did manage to down a bottle of Cointreau. "We might as well make the most of it seeing as we're going to jail," Reuter quotes one of the men as saying.

* A spokesman for the First Lady says there is no truth to a report that Chelsea Clinton has her own credit card and uses it at Ann Taylor. "She doesn't have a credit card," said Neel Lattimore of the Newsweek item, which also said that Chelsea shopped with a female Secret Service agent. "And she doesn't have any women in her security detail."

Celebrity photographer Albert Watson was at the White House yesterday morning aiming his camera at Hillary Clinton for an upcoming issue of Working Woman magazine. Afterward Watson lunched with Sen. Mark Hatfield and his son, Vincent, who's an apprentice to the shooter.

Luke Perry, Bustin' Loose & Settlin' Down

Luke Perry is doin' his darnedest to buck his image as just another pretty face in his new movie, "8 Seconds," opening here tomorrow. "I know people have some preconceived ideas about what I'm about as an actor and what my work is about. I think this movie will go a long way toward maybe changing some minds and showing them that I've got some range."

In the movie, which even Perry's sex appeal can't carry, he plays champion bronco rider Lane Frost -- who died in the rodeo ring at age 23 -- and even did his own bull-riding for some of his scenes. "My body makes noises now that it used to not make," said Perry the other day at Planet Hollywood here, where he donated the duds he wore during the movie.

Shooting the film, his first since the dreadful "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," was a welcome break from his role as a brooding heartthrob on Fox's "Beverly Hills, 90210." "The show does not challenge me," says Perry, 27. And what about fellow cast member and famous bad girl Shannen Doherty? "I think she's had a hard time of it... . I think she's at a very confused point in her life... . The other side of the coin is she doesn't do herself any favors because you can't keep going out to the nightclubs and getting into {expletive} and expect people not to write about it."

Perry, meanwhile, is holding up under the daily adulation with the help of his wife of three months, Minnie Sharp.

So, out of all the girls in the world, how did she manage to catch his eye? "She made me laugh and couldn't care less what I do for a living," he says.

"I know where my life is going now. It has a sense of permanence. There's a goal here. My life is less self-serving now that I'm sharing it with someone else. It allows me to take care of someone else, to think about someone else. It's not just me, me, me."

All right, all right, we get the picture.

Quote to Note

"What they're honoring, I really don't know." -- Outcast and outspoken Jackson sister La Toya (in what is arguably one of her more accurate comments), reviewing the much-hyped "Jackson Family Honors" this week.