SEATTLE, JUNE 17 -- Kristen Pfaff, a bass player in the rock band led by Kurt Cobain's widow, was found dead in her bathtub Thursday morning, with syringes and drug paraphernalia in a purse nearby, Seattle police said.

Pfaff, 27, had been with Courtney Love's band Hole for less than two years. Friends told police that she had a history of heroin use, and a statement from Geffen Records, Hole's label, said she recently had been through a drug rehabilitation program. There was no note or other indication of suicide, said police spokesman Vinette Tichi.

An autopsy Friday failed to determine the cause of Pfaff's death, the Associated Press reported. Friends said she had a heart murmur.

Pfaff's death is the latest to shake the tightly knit rock music community of Seattle, breeding grounds for Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and other popular bands but also for a string of drug-related deaths. Among the prominent Seattle-based musicians who have died over the past several years are Stefanie Sargent of 7 Year Bitch and Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone, both of whom overdosed on heroin.

Then on April 5 Cobain, who long had battled a heroin addiction, killed himself with a shotgun, leaving behind his wife and young daughter and a suicide note that said he could not handle his immense fame.

Pfaff's body was found in a kneeling position in five inches of water in the bathtub in her apartment in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, her head and shoulders hanging over the outside of the tub, according to the police report. She was last known to be alive about 10 p.m. Wednesday, when two friends passed by the bathroom door and heard her snoring inside, which they told police was not unusual.

In the morning one of the friends, who had spent the night and was planning to help Pfaff move to Minneapolis, found the door was still locked. He kicked the door open and found Pfaff's body.