ATLANTA, AUG. 25 -- The Coca-Cola Co. appears to be getting more publicity than it bargained for from Oliver Stone's grisly new film, "Natural Born Killers."

The world's leading soft drink company says it agreed to let Warner Bros. use a Classic Coke polar bear television ad in the film as a promotional ploy. But when the trademark wound up being juxtaposed against brutal images, Coke executives started considering damage control.

"We are concerned that our commercial is being used in a way that we didn't intend and weren't aware of," said Coke spokesman Bob Bertini.

The controversy, first reported by the Hollywood trade publication Daily Variety, erupted earlier this week when Coke executives previewed the film. Coke allowed Warner Bros. to use its ad for a scene in which prison officials are watching the Super Bowl, but the scene turns out to be the forerunner of a bloody prison riot. The ad also appears after a scene in which Mallory (Juliette Lewis) is sexually abused by her father, and later during another prison scene.

Officials at Warner Bros. and Creative Artists Agency, which not only represents Stone but also created the Coke ads, were not available for comment.