So much fabulousness, so little space.

Talkmeister Larry King, pop superstar Celine Dion and Donald Trump were all in the same room last night for one of those celebrity-lovefest kind of evenings.

The ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel was cheek-to-cheek with 380 friends and fans who managed to snag one of the $1,000 tickets for the sixth annual Larry King Cardiac Foundation black-tie gala, where Kingheld court, Trump held a 26-year-old Austrian model, and Dion held a few notes.

"Welcome to my second heart attack!" said a slightly frazzled King, who opened the festivities by jumping out of a small box, thanks to the sleight of hand of magician Joe Romano.

The King of Hearts assembled an eclectic guest list including his bride of a year, Shawn King, who is five months' pregnant with a little boy ("He's going to be the first white point guard in the NBA," cracked the proud papa-to-be). Loews' President Jonathan Tisch was on hand, as was rapper Hammer, gazillionaire South African developer Sol Kerzner, Detroit Piston guard Grant Hill and his fiancee, singer Tamia, Canadian Ambassador Raymond Chretien, Cosmo doyenne Helen Gurley Brown, and Washington lawyer Robert Altman and his wife, actress Lynda Carter.

"This party is worth going to because it's given by Larry, it has spectacular entertainment, and the Trump family is old friends of ours," said Altman.

Larry and The Donald also have been buddies for years. "Larry King is a very important guy," said Trump. "Larry is a big force." And Donald is a big fan of Celine, who has sung at Trump's Mar-a-Lago a couple of times.

"You know what Donald is? He's The Donald," said King. "Ego? I'm not in his league! By his standard, I have none at all." And Dion is a huge fan of King's. She tunes into his CNN show every chance she gets. "He's with me and I'm with him," said the singer, who was wearing a beige gown with cute little mink cap sleeves. "He's for me a kind of friend. And he has great charisma."

Speaking of which, say what you will about The Donald, the man has charisma. And all his hair. Trump was the most popular photo-op at the party.

A dinner with both Trump and King was auctioned off to a Minneapolis businessman for $15,000. "Two things guaranteed: The meal will be good, and he will not get a word in edgewise," cracked King.

Well, there's lots to talk about. Trump says he's never been richer -- the number $5 billion gets bandied about. Separated from Marla Maples, but not divorced, he's "sort of eligible . . . but not officially," he said. So Trump brought his mother, two sisters, brother and 26-year-old Melania Knauss, a brunette (instead of his trademark blonde) model.

Trump received the Larry King Heart Award, designed by Tiffany & Co., for his charitable contributions, but not before he was roasted by King and his CNN colleagues in a video that announced The Donald was buying Washington, D.C. -- and turning the city into a giant casino and resort. There would be the Trump Court, a revolving restaurant in the rotunda of the Capitol, and Trump would move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The president admits the Lincoln Bedroom is for sale, said Wolf Blitzer, "but the whole White House . . . that's unacceptable."

Trump took it with good grace, but the man with the broadest grin was King. Thursday was his 65th birthday, and last night he presided at his glitziest gala to date.

"Heart attacks? Badddd!" teased comedian Chris Rock on a video tribute. "Larry King? Gooddd!" There were plenty of heart and baby jokes, including this from John McLaughlin: "Proof positive that Larry's organs are pumping away."

The jokes underscored the real reason for the party: The foundation raised more than $400,000, which paid for -- among other things -- a heart-valve replacement for 12-year-old Washingtonian Alexandra Silver.

"I'm very proud of the charity," said King. "You actually see the person you help, the person who is alive because of what you did. Of all the things I do, there's nothing that feels better than helping somebody. There's no bigger reward."

The gala has grown so big that next year the foundation will hold two dinners: one in Los Angeles (Disney's Michael Eisner will chair; Jay Leno will entertain), and one here, with Rock and Tony Bennett onstage.

"I have so many people calling for tickets," said Trump earlier this week. "Everyone wants to go. I have one guy who made a big contribution, and I'm not even going to give him a ticket."

Last night's big draw was Dion, who interrupted her world tour to perform here. She not only donated her services, but paid for her musicians, too. Her husband has had a heart attack, and her mother had heart surgery. "When you know people in your life with this, it touches you even more," she said.

Dion sang three songs and received a standing ovation, of course. Then she sang the only possible encore: "My Heart Will Go On" from the film "Titanic."

The evening ended with magician Romano. Last year he wowed the unflappable crowd with one amazing trick: tiny pieces of paper "snow" preceded real snowflakes falling from the ballroom ceiling, which caused the entire audience to look up in wonder.

This year's grand finale was literally hot -- fire and sparks flew out of Romano's hands, and then each centerpiece exploded into fireworks.

It was a hot time in the old town last night. CAPTION: Larry King's wife, Shawn, left, and singer Celine Dion at last night's black-tie gala. ec CAPTION: From left, Larry King and his wife, Shawn, Donald Trump and Melania Knauss at the Larry King Cardiac Foundation gala. ec CAPTION: Singer Celine ("My Heart Will Go On") Dion, right, talks to heart patient Alexandra Silver, 12, during last night's reception. ec