Beavis and Butt-head would have loved Rammstein. The German metal-techno sextet is all about fire and fake phalluses and both were on display Tuesday at Nation. A packed house watched the band thunder through nearly 90 minutes of speed-metal riffs, electronic bleats, and enough flash pots and flame blasts to give even the toughest fireman a shiver.

Rammstein played for only 10 minutes at the Patriot Center last Halloween because they wore "Adam's costume"--buck naked except for some well-placed gaffer's tape--and were arrested by police. This time the band kept most of its clothes on, favoring post-apocalyptic costumes borrowed from the "Road Warrior" movies and a stage scene reminiscent of the warehouse set from Madonna's "Express Yourself" video. Lead singer Till Lindemann lashed himself with a whip, shot sparks from his boots and punched himself in the head with his mike, all the while displaying his pro wrestler's physique. During a cover of Depeche Mode's "Stripped," he proved to be the most physically intimidating rock singer this side of Danzig. Hits like "Du Hast," "Klavier," "Engel" and "Rammstein" were note perfect renditions, and it was easy to imagine an appreciative Beavis chanting "Fire! Fire!"