Stevie Wonder on stage with Fugazi? How about the (remaining) Beatles with Elvis Costello replacing the smart one? Or maybe Jimmy Buffett instead of Costello? No, these are not actual concerts, these are "dream" gigs (or nightmare in the last instance).

Personally, we'd choose Marvin Gaye, The Artist (Formerly Known as Prince), Iggy Pop, the Replacements and Notorious B.I.G. for an all-night show.

This issue tells you who is coming to town, but we wondered who you wished could be here. So writer Bob Massey and photographer Jim Saah took to the streets and asked three questions:

1. What was the last concert you saw?

2. If you could assemble any lineup of performers, living or dead, for your dream concert, what would it be?

3. What was the last song that got stuck in your head?

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, someone's dream show will give an enterprising promoter an idea.

Bobby Cato, 25

Last show:

Maxwell, Warner

Dream show: D'Angelo, Eric Clapton, Wham!, Culture Club

Song in head:

"Holding Back the Years,"

Simply Red

Jennie Kim, 25

Last show: K's Choice, 9:30

Dream show: Sarah McLachlan

Song in head: "Livin' la Vida Loca," Ricky Martin

Mara Loch, 26

Last show: Blonde Redhead, Black Cat

Dream show: Cheap Trick (70's era), Loretta Lynn, T. Rex

Song in head: "Season of the Witch," Donovan

Scott Shane, 33

Last show: Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle (in Nevada)

Dream show: The Temptations, The Supremes

Song in head: "Hello," Lionel Richie

Kimberly Bonds, 17

Last show: Winter Jam with DMX, Jay-Z, MCI

Dream show: Marvin Gaye, DMX, Sanchez, Jay-Z, Kirk Franklin

Song in head: "Everyone Falls In Love," Tanto Metro and Devonte

Keith Thomas, 54

Last show: Hugh Masekela, Kennedy Center

Dream show: Richie Havens

Song in head: n/a

Scott Purcell, 38

Last show: Liz Phair, 9:30

Dream show: Rage Against the Machine, Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order

Song in head: "(Not Just) Knee Deep," Funkadelic

Seamus Houston, 39

Last show: Grace Jones, 9:30

Dream show: The Beatles

Song in head: "The Ballad of Gilligan's Island"

Tianna Feaster, 22

Last show: Les Nubians, Blues Alley

Dream show: Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, Gerald Albright, Simply Red, Bob Marley

Song in head: "All My Life," K-Ci & Jo Jo

Winston Smalls, 18

Last show: Foxy Brown and Nas, MCI

Dream show: Tupac Shakur, Outlawz

Song in head: "Hit 'Em Up," Tupac Shakur

Chad Harris, 26

Last show: Brian Setzer Orchestra, Warner

Dream show: Brian Setzer Orchestra, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Song in head: "Flintstones Theme"

Theresa Sullivan, 25

Last show: Cassandra Wilson, Wolf Trap

Dream show:

Stevie Wonder, Me'shell NdegeOcello, Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday

Song in head: Theme from "The Brady Bunch"

Kecia Hansard, 30

Last show: Groove Collective, Black Cat

Dream show: Billie Holiday, Donny Hathaway, Sting, The Brand New Heavies, Afro Cuban All Stars

Song in head: "Livin' la Vida Loca," Ri

Debbie Augustin, 28

Last show: Janet Jackson, MCI

Dream show: Lenny Kravitz, Prince, The Brand New Heavies, Sade, Eric Benet

Song in head: "Fly Away," Lenny Kravitz

Harvey Kane, 58

Last show: Juan Gabriel, Warner

Dream show: Yo-Yo Ma (cello), David Oistrakh (violin), Artur Rubenstein (piano)

Song in head: "I'm A Fool To Want You," Frank Sinatra

Mitsi Herrera, 29

Last show: HFS-tival with Dave Matthews

Dream show: Ray Charles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Grateful Dead, Counting Crows

Song in head: "Afternoon Delight," Starland Vocal Band

Marlene Forde, 31

Last show: Free Spirit Concert

Dream show: Bunny Wailer, The Maytals, The Wailers, Bob Marley

Song in head: "Wake Up and Live," Bob Marley

Janet Williams, 34

Last show: Prince, Chaka Khan; MCI

Dream show: Sade, Cassandra Wilson, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan

Song in head: "I'm My Own Grandpa" from film "The Stupids"

Randy Wood, 46

Last show: Big Star (reunion), Memphis

Dream show: Elvis Costello replaces John Lennon in the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters

Song in head: "Flyin' Shoes," Townes Van Zandt

Betty Safian, 23

Last show: Aerosmith, MCI

Dream show: Metallica

Song in head:

"Kiss Me," Sixpence None the Richer

Crystal Reynolds, 27

Last show: P. J. Harvey, 9:30

Dream show: Marvin Gaye

Song in head: "Crossing Guard," Squatweiler

Jim Felter, 40

Last show: Chaise Lounge, Blues Alley

Dream show: Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder ('Songs In the Key of Life' era), Fugazi

Song in head: "I'll Take You There," Staple Singers