* During their decade together as a couple, Barbra Streisand and hairdresser-turned-movie-producer Jon Peters had their share of fights. So maybe it's a testament to civilized life in L.A. that Mindy Williamson, Peters's live-in girlfriend for the past four years, brokered the $4.9 million sale of Streisand's Holmby Hills estate this week. Williamson, 31 -- who shares a 13-month-old daughter, Kendall, with Peters, 50 -- figures to split nearly $300,000 in commissions on the deal.

"Barbra and I have stayed friends for a long time," Peters -- whose movie "Wild Wild West" opens soon -- told us yesterday. "And the lady I live with is in real estate and she handles all my stuff. I've bought and sold a lot of houses. And this is the second property she's sold for Barbra." Looks like Williamson -- who didn't return our phone calls -- could make a handsome living on Peters and Streisand alone. "You got it, honey!" Peters agreed.


* Better late than never, right? Eight months after the New York Yankees won the 1998 World Series, the White House is hosting the team in an East Room celebration today. It's purely coincidental, of course, that the festivities are happening just as Chicago Cubs fan Hillary Rodham Clinton girds for a Senate campaign from the Yankees' home state. New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, the first lady's likely Republican opponent, is too busy to attend.


An offensive headline in Dan Quayle's news clippings last November obviously made a deep and lasting impression. The former vice president was still complaining about it this week as he campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "There was a headline in The Washington Post that said George W. Bush was more popular than God," he said in an interview with the Arizona Republic. "I couldn't believe it." Hey, Dan, relax -- and don't believe it. The bothersome words -- "George W. Bush Is Better than God, Has Presidency Locked Up in 2000" -- weren't in The Post at all. They were in a clearly labeled sendup of this distinguished newspaper in the Nov. 23, 1998, Weekly Standard.


* Former president George Bush hurled himself out of an airplane yesterday and plunged 12,500 feet over his presidential library at Texas A&M University. Bush survived his third-ever parachute jump, so he gets to celebrate his 75th birthday Saturday. "This is kind of a euphoric high -- landing safely," Bush told onlookers, according to the Associated Press. Wife Barbara commented: "I'm going to announce it right now: He's going to jump when he's 80."

* Citing judicial error, an appeals court reversed Autumn Jackson's conviction yesterday on charges that she tried to extort $40 million from Bill Cosby.

* Rupert and Anna Murdoch amicably ended their 31-year marriage yesterday and settled their complex property dispute over the future of News Corp., the family media empire. Reuters reports that Murdoch, 68, plans to wed Wendy Deng, 31, an executive in his Hong Kong-based Star Television service.

* House Republicans are hot and bothered over political disarray, but Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) is all worked up about pedophilia and commencement speeches, reports The Post's Juliet Eilperin. DeLay was crowing yesterday that the American Psychological Association has disavowed a study concluding that an adult who has sex with a minor isn't necessarily a sicko. He's also calling for a moment of silence on the House floor today to protest convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal's speech from death row, via satellite, to Evergreen State College's graduation ceremonies out in the other Washington. Isn't this all a distraction from important stuff? "This is important," DeLay told us. "We're way ahead of schedule. We're rocking and rolling."

* The '60s may have been a wretched decade -- at least that's how The Source remembers it -- but that doesn't seem to be stopping Nathan's restaurant from throwing an Austin Powers bash tonight.

CAPTION: The way they were: Streisand and Peters on the set of "A Star Is Born."

CAPTION: Quayle: Believe it or not.

CAPTION: No rocking chair for him: Happy landing for George Bush, and helpers.