Oliver Stone, Stoned?

Movie director Oliver Stone has been ordered to appear in court to face charges of driving under the influence and possession of hashish following his arrest in Beverly Hills, a police spokesman said.

Stone, 52, was arrested just before midnight Wednesday, taken to the Beverly Hills police station and released Thursday morning after posting $12,500 bail. He's due in court July 16.

"The driver of the vehicle committed multiple traffic violations and an enforcement stop was made. A subsequent investigation culminated in the arrest of the driver and sole occupant, Oliver William Stone," a police statement said.

The director, who also has a number of producing and writing credits to his name, won Academy Awards for "Platoon" and "Born on the Fourth of July." His directorial credits include "Heaven & Earth," "JFK" and "Wall Street."

Slight on a Flight

First, Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori was bumped from first class to coach. Then, an American Airlines employee searched his luggage for contraband. "It seems impertinent, unacceptable to me that a common employee of American Airlines searched my baggage," fumed Fujimori. The prez claimed he was downgraded despite having a first-class ticket for a flight from Kansas City to Dallas last weekend. (Because of a mix-up, he was traveling without his usual security personnel.) He compared his treatment to what passengers deal with on Lima's cheap city buses. Ouch! The airline issued a statement Thursday expressing "our deepest apology for any inconvenience we may have caused the president. The matter is being investigated and appropriate corrective action will be taken."

End Notes

Make it Dr. Herblock now, please. The longtime Washington Post editorial page cartoonist, also known as Herbert Block, received a doctor of arts from Harvard University on Thursday. Block, who will turn 90 in October, began contributing cartoons to the Chicago Daily News while still in high school and went on to the Newspaper Enterprise Association Service, winning his first Pulitzer Prize in 1942. . . . Kristin Gore, 21, also received a degree from Harvard, 30 years after her father. The veep and proud mom Tipper attended the ceremony. Her big sister Karenna also graduated from Dad's alma mater. . . . A woman described as a former associate of "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss was arrested and charged with operating one of the busiest call-girl rings in the city, with a client list that included actors, celebrities and CEOs. Police said they arrested Jody "Babydol" Gibson, 41, also known as "Sasha," at a posh Los Angeles hotel after a 10-month investigation. . . . The mystery of how John F. Kennedy Jr. broke his ankle Memorial Day weekend has been solved. He paraglided into a tree. . . . It seems President Clinton won't be getting an honorary degree when he speaks to graduates today at the University of Chicago. He doesn't even qualify to give the commencement address. Instead, the president will be the "distinguished guest speaker." Rules at the 108-year-old school allow only faculty members to give the commencement address, and only leading academic scholars get honorary degrees. Clinton's not the only one. The university rejected a proposal to give Queen Elizabeth II an honorary law degree when she visited in 1959. Said university spokesman Larry Arbeiter: "Their response was, 'Of course we would be happy to consider the Queen of England. Please submit to us a list of her scholarly publications.'"

CAPTION: Oliver Stone, accused of DUI, left; and Herblock, Harvard's doodling doctor.

CAPTION: Dear old Harvard graduated another Gore, Kristin, surrounded by her parents and sister Karenna.