Fox's WTTG grabbed 16 trophies to become this year's winningest station at the Capital Region Emmy Awards Saturday night, with WJLA and WUSA at its heels.

"We're all winners," Paul Berry, D.C. chapter president of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, told the audience at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.

He was speaking literally. So many multiple wins were recorded in so many categories--resulting in an overflow of acceptance speeches--that as the night dragged on, WRC's Arch Campbell, who hosted the event with CBS News's Roberta Baskin, dubbed it "The Night of the Living Dead."

The race for best public service announcement or promotion writing logged five winners out of eight nominees. And in other categories it wasn't so much a question of who won but who lost. Take the competition for best sports anchor, in which John Buren (Baltimore's WJZ), Brett Haber (WTTG) and Ken Broo (WUSA) all took home Emmys, leaving one guy--Rene Knott (WJLA), forgive us for having to name you--in the lurch.

"That's what you strive for," the ever-diplomatic Berry said yesterday morning of the multiple wins.

There were so many winners that WTTG (Channel 5) managed to turn more than half of its 29 nominations into trophies, including Sue Palka's for outstanding weathercaster (tied, but of course, with Kirk Clyatt of WBFF, Baltimore's Fox affiliate). Not far behind was WJLA (Channel 7) with 12 wins from 30 nominations, including Del Walters's for best news anchor. The 11 victories for WUSA (Channel 9) were scored off 30 nominations, included the prestigious Community Service Award.

WRC trailed with six wins, but that included one for spot news/team coverage for Channel 4's coverage of the shootings at the U.S. Capitol and another for a Margie Ruttenberg-produced 6 p.m. newscast that took home the statuette for best news program in a large market.

Madeline LaCore won the Glenn Brenner Award, named for the Washington sports legend who died in 1992, and Samara Martin Ewing won the Ted Yates Award, named for the reporter, director and producer killed by machine gun fire in the Middle East in 1967.

Nominees were awarded points by judges from the Boston, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and South Florida chapters of NATAS. The Capital Region Awards Committee then looked at those totals and determined who had "crossed a threshold" to become a winner, Berry explained.

"It's not about competing," Berry said. "It's about excellence." But he acknowledged that Saturday night was "unique" for the number of categories that recorded three or more winners. (Berry, who recently was relieved of anchor responsibilities at WJLA, was elected to another term as president of the local NATAS chapter.)

So long was the evening that when WTTG's Chick Hernandez mistakenly told the full house that his wife was six months pregnant--she's seven--Campbell came to his defense and told the crowd that when the ceremony started, she actually was only six months pregnant.

The night's best acceptance speech was delivered by crowd favorite Joe Hansard, who, picking up his trophy for best sports editing, reported that he was glad he worked in television "because I have no real skills."


A complete list of winners for the 41st annual Capital Region Emmy Awards:


* Board of Governors Award--Sandra Pastoor, United Paramount Network

* Ted Yates Award--Samara Martin Ewing, WUSA

* Glenn Brenner Award--Madeline LaCore, WUSA


* News Programs, Large Market--"News 4 at 6," WRC, Margie Ruttenberg, producer

* Promotion, Station Image--"News 7 Sports--Rene Knott," WJLA, Andrew Baker, producer

* Children's Programs, Regularly Scheduled--"It's Kindertime," WMAR, Pete O'Neal and John Taylor, producers

* News Segments, General News--"Feeling the Heat," WBFF, Craig Demchak, reporter; Jody Weldon, producer

* Writing, Programs--"The Iris Still Blooms," WVPT, Maria Hess; and "Surviving Hatred," WVEC, Sherri Brennen

* Audio, Engineering--"Now Hear This," WTTG, Erik Naso

* News Series, Hard News--"Ireland, Lessons in Peace," WUSA, Gordon Peterson, reporter/producer; Albert Calogero and Frank McDermott, producers

* Sports Programming, Sports Specials--"Riders Up," WJZ, John Buren and Mike Pupo, producers

* Direction, Tape/Film--"The Future of Social Security," independent, Charles Roggero; and Composite, WBAL, Don Horner

* Public Affairs Programs, Regularly Scheduled--"The Iris Still Blooms," WVPT, Maria Hess, producer; and "Black Women On: The Light, Dark Thang," Celeste A. Crenshaw, producer, and On Productions, Paula E. Caffey, producer

* Cinematography/Videography: News Segments, Spot News--"Grantsville Fire," WBFF, Michael S. Cox; and Composite, WBFF, Steve Weinstein

* Public Affairs Programs, Specials--"The Savings Game," WJLA, Monika Konrad, producer, and Horace Holmes, reporter; and "Maryland State of Mind: Fall '98," Maryland Public TV, Kenneth R. Day, producer

* News Specials, Program--"Young Guns: How Do We Stop the Shooting?," WAVY, Caroline Flinchum, producer

* Cinematography/Videography: Public Affairs, Children's, Entertainment, Documentary--"Voices of Antietam," Millennium Productions, Mike Murdock; and "Lost Cemeteries," WCVE, John G. Warner

* Children's Programs: Specials--"Earth Rules: A Kids Are Paramount Special," WDCA, Leisa Chester Weir, producer

* Sportscast--Ken Broo Sportscasts, WUSA, Ken Broo, reporter/producer; News 7 Sportscasts, WJLA, Rich Daniel, Alex Parker, Mark Lima and Keith Abernethy, producers; and Brett Haber Sportscasts, WTTG, Brett Haber, reporter, Frank Crisafulli, Gregg Kanner and Joe Yasharoff, producers, and Chick Hernandez, reporter

* News Segments: Sports--"Where Legends Grow," WBFF, John Barr, reporter, and Scott Livingston, producer; "Mark McGwire: Gentle Giant," WRC, George Michael, reporter, and Joe Schreiber, producer; and "David Kopay: NFL Outcast," WTTG, Brett Haber, reporter, and Rob Lynch, producer

* News Series: Sports--"Sports Adventure--School of Hard Knocks," WTTG, Tracey Neale, reporter/producer, and Jim Forner and Rob Lynch, producers

* Editing: Sports--"Norv Western," WJLA, Joe Hansard

* Program Segments: Entertainment--"68/98: Lights, Camera, Action," NewsChannel 8, Wayne Lynch, producer, and Kyle Osborne, reporter/producer

* Weathercasting--Composite, WBFF, Kirk Clyatt; and Composite, WTTG, Sue Palka

* Writing: Public Service Announcements, Promotion--Composite, WJLA, Will Sliger; Composite, WUSA, Kimberli A. Meadows; Composite, WMAR, Stephanie Tagliaferro; Composite, WUSA, Jeff Dudley; and "Character Education," WJLA, Jon Sullivan

* Documentaries: "A Call to Care Video/Action Fund," Betsy Cox, producer

* Host, Interviewer, Moderator--Composite, WMAR, John Kinderman Taylor

* News Segments: Features, Soft--"Operation Smile," WRC, Barbara Harrison, reporter/producer; and "Survivor Story," WRC, Joe Krebs, reporter/producer

* Direction: Live--"13 News at 5:00: Apartment Fire," WVEC, Adam Steiner

* Writing: News--Composite, WUSA, David Statter; "Feeling the Heat/Heart to Heart," WBFF, Craig Demchak; and "Humpty Dumpty," WTTG, Al Feinberg

* Entertainment Programs: Specials--"Inside Maryland: A Maryland Day Special," Maryland Public TV, Krisa Haggins and Steve Kremer, producers; and "2 on the Air," WMAR, George A. Stover III, producer

* Sports Programs--"Norv--Thank-In," WJLA, Rich Daniel, producer

* Editing: News Series, News Specials--"Kickboxing/Spying," WTVR, Stanley Heist; and "School of Hard Knocks," WTTG, Rob Lynch

* Promotion: News--" '68 Riots," WRC, Bill Mushrush and Robin Fader, producers

* News Series: Features--"Hometown Portrait," WMAR, Peter J. Kulsziski, producer

* Investigative Reports--"Handicap Parking," WUSA, Miriam Wright, producer; "Candy Kids," WTTG, Elisabeth Leamy, reporter, and Erik Naso, producer; "Sex Offenders," WUSA, Miriam Wright, producer; and "Landlords," WUSA, Stephanie S. Wilson, producer, and Jennifer Ryan, reporter

* Entertainment Programs: Regularly Scheduled--"DiverCity" (Episode 210), WNVC, Debbie Mintz, producer

* Sports Programming: Play-by-Play Coverage--DePaul vs. Maryland, Home Team Sports, R. Christopher Grain, producer; and "Cal Ripken's Night Off," Home Team Sports, R. Christopher Grain, producer

* Public Service Announcements--"Character Education," WJLA, Jon Sullivan, producer; and "The Future of Social Security," independent, Charles Roggero, producer

* Cinematography/Videography: Public Service Announcements, Promotion--Composite, WVEC, Phillip Wright

* Editing: News Segments, Spot News--Composite, WTTG, Erik Naso; "Anoki (The Devil)," WJLA, Patrick Donnelly; and Composite, WTTG, F. David Rysak

* Audio: Studio/Remote--"Clickety Clack Christmas Trains," Maryland Public TV, John R. Davidson; and Composite, AudioMaster Inc., Jeff Kidwell

* News Segments: Features, Hard--"Inside the KKK," WTTG, Will Thomas, reporter/producer, and Nelson Jones, producer; "Bryant Lawson," WUSA, David Statter, reporter; and "Public Housing," WTTG, Jacqueline McLean, reporter, and Saundra Young and Michael Horan, producers

* Editing: Public Affairs, Children's, Entertainment, Documentary--"Credit Card Debt," WJLA, Patrick Donnelly

* Cinematography/Videography: News Series, News Specials--Composite, WTTG, F. David Rysak; and "Inside the KKK," WTTG, Nelson Jones

* News Programs: Small Market--"13 News at 11 P.M.," WVEC, Sybil Maurer, producer

* Specialty Reports--"Al's World," WTTG, Al Feinberg, reporter/producer

* Sports Programming: Sports Segments--"The Photographers," WJLA, Jim Hollingsworth, producer

* Graphics--"WVEC-TV: The '98 Works," WVEC, Tymm Smith

* Capital Region Community Service Award--Buddy Check 9 Campaign, WUSA

* Sports Anchor--Composite, WJZ, John Buren; Composite, WTTG, Brett Haber; and Ken Broo Sports Anchor, WUSA, Ken Broo

* Spot News/Team Coverage--"The Shootings at the U.S. Capitol," WRC

* News Anchor--Composite, WJLA, Del Walters

CAPTION: WJLA's Del Walters won the Emmy for the region's best news anchor.