Tina Brown, the Talk of Talk

Convinced that the world needs another slick magazine about the rich, the famous, and the accessories they purchase, former New Yorker editor Tina Brown is hawking her still-unpublished journal, Talk, in movie videos to be released next week by her bankroller, Miramax Films, and also by Touchstone Films.

The much-discussed Talk isn't due out till August, but Brown stars in a 60-second message filmed and edited by trendy MTV artistes, in which the English-accented, Oxford-educated queen of buzz comes off sounding like Rap Mistress Tina.

"I think the new century needs a new magazine and a new voice," Brown tells viewers over a driving hip-hop beat. "Conversation! . . . Discussion! . . . Chatter! . . . Context! . . . Emotion! . . . Intimacy!" And so on and so forth!

"More than anything else, this is a positioning video for Talk as a brand," Talk publisher Ron Galotti told us yesterday. "But it's hard to describe without showing it to you. How do you describe what vanilla tastes like?"

Brown's ad will ultimately reach 90 million renters and buyers of Miramax and Touchstone video movies, Galotti claims. We derive no significance from the fact that Brown's spot graces two new releases titled "Little Voice" and "Wishful Thinking."

Next: Greyhound?

* More evidence that life isn't fair: As Texas Gov. George W. Bush was making his triumphal tour of Iowa Saturday, jetting into the first-caucus state with nearly 100 media heavies on his chartered MD-80 airliner, rival Republican presidential candidate Lamar Alexander was spotted in the Des Moines airport, arranging his own transportation. Alexander was alone as he negotiated his purchase at the Northwest Airlines ticket counter.

A Stevie Wonderful Tipper

* After Perry's Restaurant manager Irv Morgan cleared out the downstairs dining room of non-famous patrons Sunday night, Stevie Wonder and an eight-person entourage piled out of a stretch limo to eat at the Adams-Morgan haunt. The Post's Josh Adams reports that a mob of fans gawked and the singer-songwriter politely signed autographs. Wonder left a 30 percent tip, beating out Keanu Reeves's 20 percent gratuity during a visit to Perry's a couple of weeks ago. As of today, The Source launches our exciting Tip Challenge for all visiting celebrities. The winner will receive a valuable kitchen appliance or favorable publicity.


* In another advance for corporate synergy, hip-hop impresario Master P, the founder of multimillion-selling No Limit Records, came to Washington yesterday to announce his partnership with World Championship Wrestling. The P-man appeared at a sparsely attended news conference at MCI Arena with his massive bodyguard, Swoll, and a bevy of muscle men, reports The Post's Alona Wartofsky. He coyly touted the possibility of "rasslin,' " as he put it, in an upcoming bout himself. "Even though we the meanest guys in the room," the Master said, displaying a touching naivete regarding the media, "we the good guys. We're here to show kids you can be what you want to be."

* Actress Phylicia Rashad gives today's commencement address at the District's Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

* Washingtonians keen on bumping into Mike Tyson at some fab nightspot will have to be patient. He left over the weekend for Phoenix, where he has commenced training for an upcoming boxing match at Las Vegas's MGM Grand Hotel with a yet-to-be-determined opponent.

"I'm encouraged that of the number who answered the poll, less than a majority of them have described me as very boring. What the professionals refer to as the 'internals' are very encouraging. If your 'very boring' number is below a certain level, you've got something to work with."

--Vice President Gore, who formally announces his presidential candidacy tomorrow, reacting to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll in which 22 percent of the respondents described him as "very boring" and 34 percent said he is only "somewhat boring."

CAPTION: Rapper Master P, above, may add "rasslin' " to his resume; and Phylicia Rashad, below, who'll speak to graduating seniors.

CAPTION: Lamar Alexander, traveling light.

CAPTION: The mouth that's roaring over hip-hop music to plug her latest magazine, due out in August.

CAPTION: Stevie Wonder's visit to Perry's paid off for some of the wait staff.