Dear Navigator:

Recently you wrote about Jen Denard Branch and her father, who was killed in Vietnam. (May 27) In the story you mentioned that a man was sending her a story every Friday. I'm that man. My name is Charles Gorman and I live in Nebraska.

I was her father's RTO [radio-telephone operator] and I will get the opportunity to meet her in September at the 25th Division reunion in Valley Forge. Since the article appeared she has been contacted by two men who served with her father in Vietnam. One of them was my platoon leader.

Thanks for writing the article, it will help in getting guys together for the reunion.

-- Charles Gorman,

Dear Navigator:

Using the Internet address you mentioned ( in your article I was able to get some definite word on a Navy pilot buddy of mine who was a POW in Vietnam and is deceased. We spent two years together in flight training starting in 1951 at Pensacola but lost track of each other after that, and I left the Navy in Sept. 1964 just as the war was getting started.

If you are interested, the Web page for Ken Cameron is at: The article had a great deal of personal information that I was not aware of. I am forwarding that information on to some other flight training friends of Ken Cameron. Many thanks,

-- Wayne Johansen,

Dear Navigator:

Saw the brief reference to the Breast Cancer Decision Guide in your Post article. (June 10) You are correct that it is an impressive use of technology -- in fact I had occasion to work on its development. It is the first deployment of a medical knowledge representation technology developed by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command at Ft. Detrick, Md. It uses a modular intelligent knowledge base designed to dynamically accommodate the rapidly expanding and evolving nature of a large scientific enterprise like that underpinning the breast cancer initiative. The site won a Smithsonian Award a few weeks back.

Despite the award and broadly supportive positive feedback, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command has decided to let it die at the end of month for lack of funding. We are talking only a few hundred dollars a month to maintain it on a server.

-- Frank J. Sodetz,

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