Lock up your daughters, particularly the ones who are "just 17," have "dangerous ways" or are "sneaking like an alley cat," and especially if they answer to the sobriquets "little miss fortune," "honey child" or "wild fire woman." Bad Company is back.

This British quartet's most lasting accomplishment is "Feel Like Makin' Love," the 1975 hit that -- with Boston's 1976 "More Than a Feeling" -- provided the blueprint for the power ballads that ruled Top 40 radio in the '80s. When not producing such exercises in high-powered romantic yearning, however, Bad Company was just a typical (and typically misogynistic) boogie band. Aside from a few early triumphs, the 33 tracks on the reunited quartet's new retrospective, "The `Original' Bad Co. Anthology," could be the work of any British blues-rock plodders.

That goes double for the two-CD set's four new tracks, in which singer Paul Rodgers proclaims that he's "a love hound, baby, and I've got your scent," and guitarist Mick Ralphs announces that he has (once again) found the woman who's "driving me out of my mind." What's really crazy is that these graying second-string rockers think that all the little miss fortunes out there still can't get enough of their love.

Appearing Thursday at the MCI Center with David Lee Roth.

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