Better Than the '60s

The Peace Corps T-shirts were white, the sunset a lovely shade of red, and Al Franken's humor was blue at Wednesday night's farewell to 200 Peace Corps volunteers heading overseas--the largest group in 25 years. Former and current directors Sargent Shriver and Mark Gearan, with Franken, above from left, unveiled a Norman Rockwell stamp on the main lawn at Georgetown University. Lauren Marx and Anthony Bremer, right, joined volunteers scarfing down cotton candy and rainbow pops.

Swingin' In the 'Seine'

Summer is finally here, which means it's time for those delicious, steamy summer romances. Case in point: Friday night's "Summer Swing on the Seine," a dance for the young patrons of the Phillips Collection.

The moon was high, the air was warm, and the doors were flung wide open at the French Embassy, where more than 300 people sipped wine, nibbled on cheese and tried their hands--make that feet--at some old-time, touch-your-partner dancing. The ones in the spats and costumes were true swing fanatics. "I go out about five nights a week," said swing whiz Cameron Sellers, who spends his days on Capitol Hill. "There was always a subculture; the Gap commercial made it mainstream."

The rest of the under-40 crowd contented themselves with dancing cheek to cheek to the Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra with their current sweethearts--or the next loves of their lives. There's nothing quite like a Cole Porter tune to heat up a summer night, n'est-ce pas?

Certified Artists

The high-spirited guests of honor at Thursday's cookie-and-lemonade reception at the National Museum of Women in the Arts were third- and fifth-graders from Thomson and Oyster elementary schools in the District, creators of the "Bridging Communities" exhibit. Beaming parents videotaped budding Picassos such as Nathan Chow, bottom right, with little brother Mason. "Now they are artistes," laughed Thomson art teacher Margaret Chambers, below left, with museum founder Wilhelmina Cole Holladay.

CAPTION: Stealing a page from yesteryear: Eric Felten, left, at the mike, and Christina Santarias, right, and John Johansen and Kirsten Peterson, below, on the dance floor.

CAPTION: Mason, Nathan Chow display Nathan's artwork.