Oh, Those Young Republicans

How serious are young Republicans? Pretty serious, judging by the 500 delegates at last week's College Republican National Committee convention at the Watergate Hotel.

They can out-wonk your average Democrat any day--and they're devoted, determined and decorative: Erica Tergeson, a 20-year-old political science major at Colorado State, sported an elephant pin, earrings and bracelet. Tergeson was just one of the adoring fans who mobbed presidential hopeful Elizabeth Dole at Friday night's closing reception.

But it wasn't until the wrap-up party later at Champions bar in Georgetown that the GOP's next generation really let loose. Yale grad Scott Stewart, the newly elected national chairman of the committee, accepted congratulations. "I'm drinking and having a good time with all the kids," he said.

The high point of the night may have been the crowd's swaying sing-along to "I'm Proud to Be an American." Can't wait to see what the College Democrats do when they hit town this week.

Linked Together

"Football linked us together years ago," said former Detroit Lion Lem Barney. "And golf is what links us now." More than 40 sports legends--football and basketball Hall of Famers--gathered on the eve of the Redskins' Bobby Mitchell's golf and tennis tournament yesterday at Lansdowne Resort. Old-timers (top, from left) Lou Creekmur of the Detroit Lions, Brooklyn Dodger Ace Parker and Philadelphia Eagle Chuck Bednarik took a break, while above from left, Kansas City Chief Willie Lanier and Philadelphia 76er Hal Greer shared golf tips.

Pointed Parties

Fans of the Washington Ballet are throwing parties this summer to introduce the company's new artistic director, Septime Webre, to the area. Saturday night's dinner at the Potomac home of Jacqueline and Samir Neimal included cocktails, a recital by the hostess, dinner by the pool and an eclectic guest list of dance fans, diplomats and doctors. Marsha Nelms, president of the ballet's Women's Committee, got a kiss from Webre, top; while right, former ambassador to Ireland Margaret Heckler, with Kathy and Ben Shehadeh, discussed fame and fortune with Furby co-creator Richard Levy.

With Janelle Erlichman

CAPTION: Above, Elizabeth Dole greets delegates at the closing reception at the Watergate; right, Mark and Scott Stewart. Left: Who says Republicans can't cut loose?