Newsmagazines and movies--instead of previously seen comedies and dramas--were popular summertime fare for network television viewers last week.

CBS's "60 Minutes," with a segment on a Food and Drug Administration investigation of Chinese exports, was the week's top-rated program. The Tuesday edition of "Dateline NBC," which featured a story on a woman accused of attacking her husband, narrowly came in second.

Four newsmagazines and three movies filled Nielsen Media Research's Top 10. CBS's Sunday movie, "Streets of Laredo (Part 1)," topped the feature film chart.

CBS won the week with 9.2 million total viewers. NBC was second with 7.9 million, ABC had 7.8 million and Fox 6.4 million. The WB averaged 3.0 million viewers and UPN 1.8 million.

The WB was heartened by the ratings for its new comedy, "Movie Stars." It scored the highest rating for the network in its Sunday time slot since last October.

Meanwhile, the poor ratings for back-to-back episodes of "Suddenly Susan" on July 5 had to depress NBC: The two shows had fewer viewers than anything else last week on ABC, CBS or NBC. "Suddenly Susan" is coming back next fall in revamped form. In NBC's defense, last Monday was a holiday for many viewers.

NBC's "Nightly News" won the evening news competition with a 6.8 rating and 16 share. ABC's "World News Tonight" had a 6.7 rating and 16 share, while the "CBS Evening News" was at 5.9 and 14.

For the week of July 5-11, the top 10 shows were, in order: CBS's "60 Minutes"; NBC's Tuesday "Dateline"; NBC's "Frasier"; and "Will & Grace's" Thursday outing on NBC; Part 1 of "Streets of Laredo" on CBS; ABC's Monday movie "She Woke Up Pregnant"; CBS's Wednesday film "A Perfect World"; NBC's "Friends"; the Friday edition of "20/20" on ABC; and CBS's "60 Minutes II."