Ah, summer. The signs are abundant: The summer movie blitz is in full swing; weather forecasters are using the heat and humidity index religiously and, of course, college students are now nestled back in their parents' homes for their "vacas."

Amid the sweaty brows, confused parents often emerge. They're usually thrilled to have their son or daughter back home, but can be mystified by some words and phrases spouting from those college-educated lips.

So, here's a mini-dictionary of sorts for "the rents" to help them decipher the often codified speak of their "phat" progeny:

babies (n): pretty women

Betty (n): a very attractive woman/girl; think back to the Archie comic strip and Betty

bites (v): a situation that is not going as planned or that is not fun (ex: This party bites!)

blew (v): to leave one with a feeling of great dissatisfaction (ex: That party blew!)

boards (n): muscles (synonyms: guns, pythons, pipes or pipe cleaners if they're small)

the bomb (n): a really great thing or someone very attractive

cheese (n): money (ex: Do you have any cheese?)

chya (v): usually accompanied by right, as in "chya right." to doubt something someone has said

crack (v): to verbally abuse someone

dialed in (adj): to be very connected to the hip scene or what's going on in the world

diss (v): to ignore or put down

dope (v): to find out information

feedbag (n): first real meal at one's parents' house/to eat a lot (ex: I slapped on a feedbag at dinner)

flow (n): money (ex: Do you have any flow . . . as in cash flow?)

freak (n/v): a strange person; to be startled suddenly

G (n): a friend

G money (n): a really good friend who has lots going for them

golden (adj): great (ex: You are golden!)

grubbin' (v): to eat

have a take (phrase): to have an opinion

hello-o? (v): to question someone and look at them incredulously usually because they have just said something very stupid

Heisman (v): like the trophy and sports move but applicable to dating: to purposely avoid (as in "She gave him the Heisman," usually after a total rejection at a bar)

hottie (n): a very good-looking person

jack (v) : to steal

low-down (n): the plan (ex: What's the low-down?)

love (n): to give affection (usually used in the phrase: "Show me the love.")

money (adj): the coolest (from Vince Vaughn in the movie "Swingers": "You are so money and you don't even know it!")

mow (v): to eat a lot (ex: I mowed through that plate of fries)

mug (v): to make out

no boards (phrase): no muscles

peace out (v): chill out or take care of yourself

peeps (n): good friends (ex: Where are my peeps?)

phat (adj): something very cool (pronounced fat)

pimpin' (adj): to be very stylish, especially when referring to clothes

rage (v): to party

rentals/rental units (n): parents

ripped (adj): to have very well-defined muscles

scam (v): to ogle someone, usually the opposite sex, or to make out with someone

school (v): to be put in one's place (ex: Mary schooled her brother Joe when he spoke out of turn)

scoop (v): to find out the information

shone (v): to make out with someone (short for action)

stoked (adj): to be very excited

strapped (adj): to have a good body

stylin' (v): to look very good

the goods (n): to have relevant information

tight (v/adj): to be good friends with someone

trip (v/adj): to laugh over something, also used in the form trippin'

tool: (n): a complete nerd, loser

talk to the hand (phrase): please get away from me now, usually in reference to some tool (see above) hitting on a girl in a bar

whacked (adj): crazy (ex: Mary is whacked over that guy)

wicked (adj): something that is very cool or very intense

vaca (n): (pronounced vay-kay) short for vacation

411 (n): the plan, an idea (ex: What's the 411?)