Gold Diggers Need Not Apply

* Fabulously wealthy Washington bachelor Jonathan Ledecky is ready to tie the knot. Problem is, he hasn't found the right woman.

"I've never been more single," the 41-year-old part owner of the Washington Capitals, who got rich starting up a series of diverse companies, confided over lunch yesterday at the Bombay Club. "A lot of things in life are timing. You can meet the right person, but the timing isn't right. But I'm getting ready to settle down. It's time to have a family. Life is about balance. And this is good timing."

Ledecky, who will receive the 1999 Citizen of the Year Award from the Boy Scouts of America on Sept. 9 even though he is not, and never has been, a Boy Scout, went on: "I have a lot of friends who call up and make suggestions, and I've been willing to take on blind dates." Alas, he insisted, his best blind-date stories aren't fit for a family newspaper. He said he's looking for a woman who will like him for himself and not his estimated $200 million fortune--$58 million of which he's sunk into the hockey team, in partnership with fellow rich guy Ted Leonsis. Ledecky joked: "I'm saving money by skipping my first wife and going straight to my second wife."


* What do meat-crazed Domino's Pizza and the staunchly vegetarian PETA have in common? They're both taking the low--and we do mean low--road to get our attention. In honor of the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11, Domino's is inviting D.C. customers to earn free pies by sending pictures of themselves "mooning" the camera, and PETA is launching its "Veggie Viagra" campaign--claiming "eating meat can cause impotence"--on Capitol Hill tomorrow.

Tony Snow: Hirsute, Before Alterations

But for a twist of fate--and a job writing speeches for President Bush--"Fox News Sunday" host Tony Snow might have ended up living in a shack in Montana. What other conclusion can be drawn from this 1978 student ID photo, snapped when Snow was vainly pursuing his master's degree in philosophy and economics at the University of Chicago?

"It's actually after a haircut," the 44-year-old Snow told us yesterday. "Babies were not all that crazy about it . . . they'd scream, do everything they could to get away from me." He added that the straitlaced father of his college girlfriend was also unamused, and his girlfriend finally persuaded him to shave his beard in the spring of 1979. In the end, they broke up. His hair gradually got shorter, but he still wore ragged T-shirts. His boss at the Greensboro Record, a North Carolina newspaper, strongly urged him to clean up his act. In due course, he became a Republican.

But was Tony stoned when his official photo was taken? "Probably not," he replied. "But I can't say for sure. I probably showed up straight for most university functions."


* Word from Los Angeles is that CBS was about to approach John F. Kennedy Jr. to share emcee duties with Walter Cronkite at this year's Kennedy Center Honors show as a way of attracting younger viewers.

* No money will change hands tonight when President Clinton has dessert and coffee with 50 local entrepreneurs at the Georgetown house of venture capitalist Jonathan Silver and his wife, Melissa Moss. It's just a chance for Clinton to schmooze with investment and high-tech types such as Nasdaq President Al Berkeley, AOL Foundation Chairman Jim Kimsey and cellular phone mogul Mark Warner. Okay, Democratic National Committee finance chair Beth Dozoretz will be there, but organizers insist it's a purely social gathering. Uh-huh.

* What higher mountains are left to climb for the 1999 Women's World Cup soccer champions? For star forward Mia Hamm, it's The Source's exciting Celebrity Tip Challenge! The Post's Josh Adams reports that Hamm had a few beers with some friends Sunday night at the Capitol City Brewing Company, opting for the Nut Brown Ale and leaving 25 percent for the help.

* The Harlem Globetrotters will be at the National Capital YMCA this morning, hosting a summer basketball camp for 300 youngsters, sponsored by the Denny's restaurant chain. Denny's is continuing to recover from bad PR for mistreating minority customers.

* Angry former child actor Gary Coleman is in trouble with the law again. The 30-year-old "Diff'rent Strokes" star was arrested last weekend for not paying a $400 fine assessed in February after he punched a female bus driver who heckled him about his career failures.

CAPTION: Mia Hamm, star tipper.

CAPTION: Ledecky, all smiles and ready for love.

CAPTION: Tony Snow at the University of Chicago in 1978, right