Pooling Their Talents

Any party that ends with the mayor in the pool--wearing polo shirt and shorts--is a good party. Make that great . . . this is stuffy old Washington, after all.

Hot, sweaty but decidedly not stuffy: that pretty much describes the tennis fanatics who turned up at coach Kathy Kemper's barbecue Friday night at the residence of Argentine Ambassador Diego Ramiro Guelar. Among the 100 or so participants in the annual Celebrity Tennis Round Robin benefit who were packed onto the broiling patio: White House economic adviser Gene Sperling, Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, the American Enterprise Institute's Norm Ornstein, lobbyist Jerry Jasinowski, writer Ina Ginsburg and media types like Morton Kondracke, John Martin and Claire Shipman. "Even though the president is a complete golfer, Larry, Donna and I are bringing tennis back to the White House," Sperling told the crowd.

This year's party had an added attraction: former U.S. Open champion Gabriela Sabatini, an Argentine native. "She's just stunningly attractive . . . and an elegant tennis player," gushed Ornstein.

Mayor Tony "Cannonball" Williams and Kemper closed out the night with a refreshing, fully clothed plunge into the pool. Who says Washington is no fun in the summer?

He Won't Dance--Don't Ask Him

What do you give for a 250th birthday? A party, of course. The city of Alexandria threw a dinner dance Friday night for 450 people at the Hilton there, part of the year-long celebration of the city's historic anniversary. Most of the guests, among them Bill Bradbury and Edith Estes, spent the night on the dance floor, but Rep. Jim Moran swore he can't dance at all: "Only like a crippled polar bear," he moaned.

A Spirited Seventy-Six

"I won't tell you how old I am, but my favorite song is 'Seventy-Six Trombones,' " teased Bob Dole Thursday night. "Whenever I'm feeling old, I call up Strom." Dole celebrated a portion of his birthday at the Kosova Relief Fund dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Dole, who returned from the Balkans three weeks ago, received cake and an award, along with honorees Rep. Eliot Engel and Albanian pediatrician Vjosa Dobruna. More than 300 people--led by national security adviser Sandy Berger, acting USAID director Hattie Babbitt, emcee Cokie Roberts and Albanian Ambassador Petrit Bushati--raised $150,000.