CBS, with half of the top 10 shows, won the ratings race for the week ending Aug. 1. Its "Everybody Loves Raymond" was the most watched show of the week with 12 million viewers.

ABC ranked third for the week, with its newsmagazine "20/20" preventing a total shutout from the top 20 list. The newsmagazine's Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday editions each drew higher Nielsen Media Research ratings than anything put on the air by ABC's entertainment division last week.

Friday's "20/20" drew the biggest audience of the four, with 11.6 million viewers tuning in to Barbara Walters's interview with tennis star Alexandra Stevenson and her mother, Samantha. The positive signs for ABC News didn't extend to its summer replacement series, "Nightline in Primetime: Brave New World." The offbeat news show that examines concepts like speed and technology finished No. 79 in the ratings.

ABC's special entertainment show from Ford's Theatre fared even worse, drawing only 4.6 million viewers.

The top 10 shows for the week, in order, were: CBS's "Everybody Loves Raymond"; NBC's "Frasier" (Thursday); CBS's Sunday movie, "Undue Influence," Part 1, and "60 Minutes"; NBC's "Friends"; ABC's "20/20" (Friday); CBS's "Touched by an Angel"; NBC's "Frasier" and "ER"; and CBS's "Becker."