Poussiere, the French word for dust, is often used to describe the powdery air created by Cajun and zydeco couples in Louisiana's old wooden dance halls. But when Rosie Ledet, the self-described "Zydeco Sweetheart," declares, "You Can Eat My Poussiere," she turns the term into a double entendre without much subtlety. Nor is there much nuance in the song's rhythm, which abandons the rich syncopation of zydeco's past for the simple, repetitious disco thump that some of the genre's newer dancers demand.

It's too bad that Ledet settles for such bald lyrics and such mechanical beats on her new album, "I'm a Woman," for zydeco desperately needs a young female star to succeed Queen Ida. Ledet can be a quite impressive singer, especially when she writes such R&B-flavored material as "Don't Have to Worry" and "Kisses in the Wind," but she's a mediocre accordionist and an unimaginative arranger. Ledet wrote all but one of the 13 songs on the album, but that one exception, Rockin' Sidney's "My Toot Toot," has a sense of humor and springy bounce that the others lack, and even then Ledet can't touch the original.

Appearing Sunday at the Surf Club.

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