Oh Say, Has She Sung

After tonight, Columbia resident Donna Greenwald will have belted out "The Star-Spangled Banner" in all 30 of the nation's major league ballparks. The 43-year-old soprano will wrap up her National Anthem tour tonight when she opens a game between the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Baltimore Orioles in Florida.

"I'm the only person who has done it this way, driving or taking the train to every single stadium," said Greenwald, who launched her major league singing career in July 1992, when there were just 28 teams. Greenwald refuses to fly to the games, saying she wants to travel to the ballparks as the old-time players did.

Her motivation all these years? "Good old-fashioned patriotism," she said. "I want to set a good example for my children." Greenwald is married to Gary, a lawyer, and has three kids, ranging from ages 5 to 24. The family spent its summer vacation on the road, hitting a Texas Rangers game Aug. 2 (Stadium No. 28) and then a Houston Astros matchup on Aug. 4 (Stadium No. 29) before ending up in St. Petersburg, Fla., for tonight's game. "I've really paid tribute to my country," Greenwald said.

Gore's Surreptitious Summit Vice President Gore has gone and climbed a mountain: 14,411-foot Mount Rainier in Washington state. Gore and his 16-year-old son, Albert Gore III, reached the summit on Friday, a feat that requires a climb of more than 9,000 feet over eight miles. "It's an unbelievable experience," Gore told reporters at the end of the trek, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. "It was just great. And it's very hard."

The Gore men spent two days on the mountain, where they encountered all manner of bad weather--hail, wind, fog and snow. They were led by a family friend who has climbed Mount Rainier as well as Mount Everest. The Als had been running and lifting weights at home for months. The veep's staff, trying to keep the climb a secret, had said Gore was training for another marathon (he ran the 1997 Marine Corps Marathon).

Geena Davis Takes a Bow

We know she can act. But how is she with a bow and arrow?

Geena Davis, the 42-year-old Oscar-winning actress, will show us all later this month when she competes for a spot on the U.S. Olympic women's archery team. Davis will take part in a competition Aug. 22-24 in New Jersey. If she places among the top eight, she can participate in the Olympic trials in September in California, where she'll vie for the chance to go to the 2000 Games in Sydney. Davis's rep says the actress, who took up the sport two years ago, isn't quitting her day job.

End Notes

Al Lewis--a k a "Grandpa" on the 1960s television show "The Munsters"--says he is mulling a run for the U.S. Senate. The 89-year-old comedian wants to fill the seat being vacated by New York Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Yesterday, Lewis said he will set up an exploratory committee. He also took a shot at his likely rivals, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, dubbing them "Tweedledee and Tweedledum." Last year, Lewis unsuccessfully ran for New York governor on the Green Party ticket . . . GOP presidential front-runner Gov. George W. Bush yesterday completed the purchase of a 1,500-acre ranch in central Texas. Bush's office wouldn't disclose details of the sale--including the price--saying it was a private matter. But the governor said, "I am pleased to own this beautiful piece of land." Real estate agents have estimated the ranch's cost at about $1.3 million. The spread is located near Crawford, population 700, about 90 miles southwest of Dallas. Bush, an avid fisherman, reportedly wants to build a private lake on the land.

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