CBS had six of the week's top 10 shows; NBC had the other four. CBS's six were all one-hour programs or two-hour movies, for a total of eight top 10 hours. NBC's shows were all Thursday sitcoms, for a total of just two hours. CBS wins.

Here's a look at last week's ins and outs:


CBS News. On a summer roll, CBS's news operation landed a newsmagazine in the week's top three for the first time since "60 Minutes II" debuted back in January. "60 Minutes" was the week's most watched program, drawing 13.3 million viewers. "60 II" bagged its sixth Wednesday 9 p.m. slot win this summer--out of seven. And "48 Hours: Monday Mysteries" was that night's most watched program and handed CBS 40 percent more viewers than it garnered in the Monday 10 p.m. slot the same week last summer.

Showdown at Sherwood. The first live prime-time broadcast of a golf event, a showdown between Tiger Woods and David Duval, won Monday night for ABC with an average of 9.7 million viewers, making it the No. 17 show of the week. It was the second most watched golf event of the past year, though well behind the 13.8 million who watched the Masters tourney.

"You Asked for It." NBC's low-cost summer variety show pumped about 3 million viewers into the Sunday 8 p.m. time slot who weren't tuned to the network at 7 p.m.


"Dateline." First "48 Hours: Monday Mysteries" kicks the stuffing out of NBC's Monday "Dateline," which posts its smallest audience ever. Then, on Sunday, "Dateline" suffers its smallest audience ever--on any night. It was "Dateline's" second Sunday back in the 7 p.m. time slot, where it is slated to air this fall.

"20/20." Not a great week for ABC's prime-time newsmag franchise either. Wednesday's edition was its least watched ever on that night, and Friday's edition posted its smallest audience in about a year.

"Nightline in Primetime." The ABC summer news show got off to a bad start last week, logging ABC's smallest audience in the Thursday 10 p.m. hour since July 1997. ABC says it'll air eight of these this summer.

"Thanks." "No thanks," said viewers to CBS's summer sitcom about a Pilgrim family. So the network got its smallest audience in the Monday 8:30 p.m. half-hour in about three years.

"Best of Woodstock '99." Two hours of rehashed Woodstock didn't play well on Fox, finishing in 84th place with just 4.9 million viewers.

NBC's Friday. The smallest audience ever for a "Homicide: Life on the Street" broadcast led NBC to its lowest Friday ever with regular programming.

NBC's Saturday. "Pretender" rerun + "Cloned" rerun = NBC's least watched Saturday ever with regular programming.

The week's 10 most watched programs, in order, were: CBS's "60 Minutes"; NBC's Thursday 9:30 p.m. "Frasier" followed by its 9 p.m. Thursday "Frasier" and "Friends"; CBS's Sunday movie "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts" and CBS's Wednesday movie, Part 2 of "Undue Influence"; NBC's Thursday 10 p.m. "Just Shoot Me"; and CBS's "Touched by an Angel," Monday "48 Hours" and "60 Minutes II."

CAPTION: "60 Minutes II" has notched its sixth Wednesday time slot win this summer.