Springer Vetoes Senate Run

Darn it! Trash television talk show host Jerry Springer said yesterday that he's just too busy to run for the U.S. Senate. "My current contractual obligations and commitments . . . make it impractical if not impossible for me to make a run for the Senate at this time," said the former two-term mayor of Cincinnati. Springer, a 55-year-old liberal Democrat, was defeated in his 1982 bid for Ohio governor.

Ohio Democratic Party officials last month called on Springer to challenge Republican Sen. Mike DeWine in the next election. State labor leaders endorsed the idea, and Springer admitted to being "flattered and honored by the interest."

But apparently he wasn't flattered enough to take up the challenge. That news thrilled some current officeholders. "My only reaction is pure joy," said Democratic Rep. Ted Strickland of Ohio.

Jerry and Mick: Null and Void

A London high court judge said yesterday that rocker Mick Jagger and Texan model Jerry Hall were never really hitched, and declared their nine-year marriage "null and void." The decision comes one month after the couple reached a financial settlement--Hall received a reported $16 million in exchange for agreeing with Jagger's claim that their 1990 wedding in Bali was not legal under British law. The couple had been together for 20-plus years and have four kids.

Mike Wallace Gets a Stamp

"60 Minutes" legend Mike Wallace is getting his own postage stamp. Next month the tiny Caribbean nation St. Vincent and the Grenadines will issue a 70-cent stamp featuring the famed TV newsman as part of the United Nations' "Year of the Elder" program.

Wallace, 81, says this is all news to him. "I'm stunned," he tells the New York Post. "I was totally unaware of [the stamp] until about three minutes ago!" But that seems a bit odd, given that officials who are producing the stamp tell the newspaper that "we get full authorization of the person" being featured.

The stamp only works for mail being sent to the Caribbean nation.

Heart of Stone

Now you know: Actress Sharon Stone likes Leo but not Gwyneth. In a new interview with Movieline magazine, Stone expresses sympathy for the paparazzi-besieged Leonardo DiCaprio. "It's such a hideous thing, what's happened to Leonardo DiCaprio. I can't think of anything worse . . . (than) for him to be so famous. It's just awful."

Stone isn't so kind to Gwyneth Paltrow, saying the younger actress "lives in a rarefied air that's very thin. It's like she's not getting enough oxygen." Stone, who was parodied by Paltrow on last season's "Saturday Night Live," says the young star is "naive," but admits she has "a lot of talent."

Stone also disses Stephen Seagal, calling the actor "an individual who isn't worth the ink it would take to write about him."

End Notes

Who'd a thunk? Alfred Hitchcock's favorite movie was "Smokey and the Bandit." That's according to the late director's daughter, who was interviewed on "Access Hollywood." Hitch was born 100 years ago yesterday. . . . Ricky Martin bares a lot--but not all, as was the buzz--of his sexy body in a new photo spread. Check out the shirtless singer's well-defined pecs in the new issue of W magazine. You'll also find pictures of his cute Chihuahua, Titan.