Fear Factory's techno-deathmetal sound is more interesting than that of a lot of the heavy music bands out there that are currently getting more airplay, but for some reason it didn't translate very well onto the stage of the 9:30 club on Monday night.

Toward the end of the band's set, guitarist Dino Cazares stood by one of the band's goofy microphone stands--which resembled spinal columns with brains on the top--and hectored the people up on one side of the balcony for their lack of energy, "Have you guys ever heard of Fear Factory?" Arguably, it's never a smart move for a performer to point out yawners in a crowd, and by the end of the band's cover of Gary Numan's "Cars" a few songs later, it seemed like everyone was starting to yawn a little bit. "You guys still awake out there?" front man Burton C. Bell asked the crowd before finishing the evening with "Replica" from the band's 1995 album "Demanufacture."

Static-X, playing songs off its album "Wisconsin Death Trip," opened for Fear Factory and offered more of the same sort of music, with maybe a little more Faith No More or White Zombie thrown into the mix. Front man Wayne Static, a guy with a ridiculous old Vanilla Ice-style pile of hair, described the band's music as "evil disco" and asked the crowd how many "stupid people" were in the house. There was at least one, anyway.