Nick Rhodes is still a pretty man. He and Simon LeBon have done a fine job of keeping their hair and makeup intact in the years since their group, Duran Duran, was the biggest band in the early '80s. Judging from its energetic performance Tuesday night at Nissan Pavilion, Duran Duran has also done a remarkable job of keeping its sound and spirit consistent.

After bursting onstage with a vigorous version of "Girls on Film," LeBon joked, "That was nice and easy, wasn't it?" The crowd--most in their late twenties and early thirties--responded with the type of squealing cheers usually reserved for the Backstreet Boys. When the band followed up with "Hungry Like the Wolf," it felt like 1982 all over again. Which is a good thing because, despite Duran Duran's reputation as a vapid, video-centric band, its songs have held up extremely well.

For nearly two hours, the group ran through a litany of hits major and minor, from 1981's "Friends of Mine" to 1997's "Electric Barbarella." While the band relied a little too much on its post-1986 output, including several solid songs from its soon-to-be-released CD, such classics as "Planet Earth," "Rio" and "The Reflex" more than made up for it.