Every time there is a school shooting like the one in Los Angeles, I am confused. I can understand why everyone should own a pistol, but I am not clear why the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to buy semiautomatics and submachine guns. Why should they be available for purchase when anything you want to shoot can easily be hit with a pistol?

I tried to contact Charlton Heston, the president of the National Rifle Association, to ask him, but he was out of the country. So I called Scarface Litho, the head of the Automatic Gun Lovers of America.

He told me, "You have to have semiautomatic weapons if you want a safe and sane America."

"But," I said, "what can they do that a pistol can't?"

"Using a semiautomatic gun, if you don't hit your target with the first shot you can get it with the second. If they took our semiautomatics away from us, we would be completely naked and unable to defend ourselves against armed people who shouldn't own guns."

"Do you believe we need semiautomatics to shoot people in schools?"

"No, and that is the rub. Most people who own semiautomatics use them to shoot rabbits and squirrels and soup cans in their back yards. Very few use them to shoot people. And those people are not too well in the head. But why should innocent semiautomatic sports people have to pay the price because of a few psychotics?"

"Do you ever see the day when they will ban machine guns?"

"They can't because it will do too much damage to the gun-show sales. Most of your lethal gun sales are conducted at these shows, and we need the semiautomatic business if we want a growing economy."

"The police consider guns a danger to their people. How do you respond to that?"

"The police are on the side of the gun-control nuts. They want to have the upper hand when fighting the bad guys. But they're wrong. The Constitution says when it comes to what you can shoot, everyone should be equal."

Scarface concluded, "It was Machine Gun Kelly who said, 'My country right or wrong, as long as I can fire as much lead as the next guy.' "