Introducing Donor Barbie

That marvel in a miniskirt, Barbie, is doing her part for humanity. Seems the plastic knee joints in the doll's oh-so-long legs make excellent knuckles in prosthetic fingers. Jane Bahor, who makes realistic-looking body parts for amputees at Duke University Medical Center, says she has used Barbie's easy-to-bend knees to make new fingers for about a dozen patients. "She's made her cultural contribution, now she can make a medical contribution," Bahor tells the Charlotte Observer. Lisa McKendall, a spokeswoman for Barbie's maker, Mattel, says: "Everybody here is really excited that Barbie not only brings joy to little girls but also can help adults who have had accidents."

Clinton's Golf Gamble

Our Golfer-in-Chief President Clinton was back on the fairway yesterday, and his golfing partner was none other than Britain's Prince Andrew, who's also vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. The duo had a friendly bet on the game. "If he beats me we have to give him back the island," Clinton joked to reporters. "It belonged to the Duke of York in the 17th century." A reporter asked Andrew--the current duke of York--if he wanted the island back. He simply smiled and said: "I'll tell you when I've won." Alas, the game was rained out on the 15th hole.

The Clintons head to New York today for a whirlwind weekend of fund-raising in the Hamptons. Then they'll go upstate to the Finger Lakes, where Senate explorer Hillary Rodham Clinton will do some campaigning. The first family returns to Washington on Friday.

Possible Suit in JFK Jr. Crash

The mother of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette may sue over last month's plane crash that killed her daughters and John F. Kennedy Jr. In court papers filed in New York on Thursday, Ann M. Freeman suggested she might file suit on her daughters' behalf--possibly against JFK Jr.'s estate. There might be "personal injury and wrongful death claims against persons and parties as yet unknown," the papers said. The papers also showed that the daughters had filed no will for their estates, estimated at no more than $500,000 each.

End Notes

Convicted drug user Robert Downey Jr. arrived at California's Corcoran State Prison Thursday to begin his three-year sentence for probation violation; he'll receive substance abuse treatment . . . Officials in Concord, Calif., want pop diva Whitney Houston to fork over $100,000 after she canceled a concert there. The singer backed out of the Aug. 1 show just minutes before curtain, saying she felt ill. The city wants to be reimbursed for the money it spent preparing for the show . . . Now you know why this song won't die: What was Desmond Child intending when he co-wrote "Livin' la Vida Loca," the omnipresent smash hit by Ricky Martin? "The millennium party song from Hell. That's what I wanted." . . . Could there be wedding bells for the way-too-thin Kate Moss? People magazine reports that the 25-year-old model is about to get hitched to Spacehog guitarist Antony Langdon . . . In other skinny news, Jennifer Aniston's former trainer is criticizing the actress's eating habits. Kathy Kaehler writes in Women's Sports & Fitness magazine that the "scrawny" Aniston has lost weight by drastically cutting back on carbohydrates--"a way that's not healthy, in my book."

CAPTION: Here's the skinny: Moss, left, may be engaged; Aniston's cutting carbs.