Hillary for Prez?

Everyone may think that Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for the Senate, but perhaps the Federal Election Commission knows better. The FEC's Web site lists the first lady as a Democratic presidential contender for 2000 and even gives her a candidate ID number, P00003392. The online magazine wired.com reports that a die-hard first-lady fan named Tom McMullen launched a Hillary-for-prez movement in January when he formed a committee called People for American Leadership. (Its Web site is www.hillary4president.org.) That triggered a clause in the arcane Code of Federal Regulations, and McMullen had to fill out something called the FEC Form 1, which led to the FEC registering Clinton as a candidate. Alas, McMullen has lost interest in his cause now that the first lady is exploring her senatorial options; the FEC says his committee recently filed notice that it's disbanding.

For the Future, a Familiar Refrain

The remaining Beatles say their 1967 hit "All You Need Is Love" is perfect for the coming millennium. "I still think the

message is really true. I think that is still what people need," Paul McCartney tells Britain's Sun tabloid, speaking for the surviving members of the Fab Four. "The people have got the message but the warring factions haven't. But when they get it, the will of the people will be done." In other Beatles happenings, McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are busy hyping the relaunch of "Yellow Submarine," some 30 years after the classic animated film was made. (The digitally restored film goes on sale later this month.) Starr says:

"Everyone can sing that song; even fetuses know that song."

Under 40, Netting Billions

Gosh, their mamas must be proud. Fortune magazine is out with its list of America's 40 richest people younger than 40. Michael Dell, the 34-year-old CEO of Dell Computer, ranks No. 1, with $21.49 billion to his name. Technology geeks make up the bulk of the list--types like Amazon.com's Jeff Bezos (No. 2, $5.74 billion) and Yahoo's David Filo (No. 5, $3.12 billion) and Jerry Yang (No. 6, $3.05 billion). Marketing executive-turned-Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder (No. 27, $390 million) also makes the list, along with rapper Master P (No. 28, $361 million) and basketball god Michael Jordan (No. 29, $357 million).

End Notes

How about that Bruce Springsteen. The oh-so-nice Boss spent 25 minutes yesterday afternoon signing autographs for 50 or more devoted fans who'd staked out his temporary abode, the Four Seasons Hotel . . . The Clintons wrapped up their New York visit yesterday. The first family sampled some local ice cream in Auburn and then hopped on Air Force One back to the White House, where they briefly stopped before heading to Camp David for the weekend . . . The pop star formerly known as Cat Stevens says he's found peace. "Before, I wanted to be as large as I could be," said the Islam convert, who now calls himself Yusuf Islam. "I was afraid to be little old me. Today, I'm quite content to be little old me." . . . "I actually have another shirt that I was going to wear today that says 'Silicone Free,' " actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, trying to settle rumors that she has breast implants, says in the new issue of Detour magazine . . . "You know who I find incredibly sexy? The one woman in the world I'm frothing at the mouth to meet?" says Rob Lowe in the new issue of George magazine. The answer: Mary Matalin, the Republican strategist and TV talk show host.

CAPTION: McCartney has a familiar message for the millennium, and Matalin has an admirer.