Father, sons and plenty of holy spirit, the Kenoly family is becoming a force to reckon with in Christian music circles. The new album by Ron Kenoly, the family patriarch, was recorded in a congregational setting with the Lynchburg Community Choir augmenting the veteran singer's rousing worship service. A former R&B vocalist, Kenoly is open to pop music, allowing funk, blues and calypso to advance his message on "Glory Be to Jesus" and other tracks, but there's no mistaking his bedrock evangelism when the spirit really moves him.

The Kenoly Brothers, Ron Jr. and Sam, are even more open to pop sounds on their debut release, "All the Way," favoring a sleek urban mix of soul, hip-hop and funk. In a secular setting, these two would probably become teen heartthrobs overnight since their sibling harmonies radiate waves of sweet vocal charm. The brothers, though, are more interested in pursuing their own mission, whether "vibin' with the Holy Spirit" on "Come With Me" or earnestly singing the Lord's praises on "My Everything."

Both appearing Sunday at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, 610 Rhode Island Ave. NE; call 301/650-8650. To hear a free Sound Bite from Ron Kenoly, call Post-Haste at 202/334-9000 and press 8128. For a Sound Bite from the Kenoly Brothers, press 8129. (Prince William residents, call 690-4110.)