Local jazz saxophone great Buck Hill brings his quartet Friday to the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center (301/953-1993). The Wilson Center is hosting a rocking show of local bands Friday with the Most Secret Method, Juno, Q and Not U and Rainer Maria (202/588-5143). Local jam band 3/4 Squeegee throws a CD release party Friday night at Uncle Jed's Roadhouse (301/913-0026) and Saturday night at Bushwaller's in Frederick, Md. (301/695-6988).

Opera arias return to tableside at Petitto's Ristorante d'Italia (202/667-5350) Friday night and Sept. 24, a memorable event I wrote about in Nightwatch last year, and the next seven Saturdays Petitto's hosts a Broadway cabaret with Dan Britt.

Saturday day and night is the Camp DC-101 at Wilmer's Park (301/888-1600), a musical festival featuring the Pat McGee Band, Earth to Andy, the Samples, Virginia Coalition, and many more. Sarah Shannon, the swell vocalist from Velocity Girl and Starry Eyes, goes solo with a set Saturday night opening for Bettie Serveert. Tony! Toni! Tone! just released its greatest hits CD, and this new jack soul band that made its mark in the early '90s is still worth a listen, Saturday night at 2:K:9 (202/575-2009).

One of the area's best rock bands, 24fps is looking to raise money to put out its newly recorded CD by throwing a concert (and a silent auction!) at Cafe Calliope, the pub inside Alexandria's Embassy Suites Hotel (703/684-5900). Longtime Chicago blues saxophonist Eddie Shaw and his band the Wolf Pack perform Saturday at Paddy Mac's (301/608-3360).

Sunday at the Metro Cafe (202/518-7900), Breathless, an offshoot of the gloomily ambient This Mortal Coil, performs along with local instrumentalists Tone.

Charlottesville-based jazz trumpeter John D'earth brings bop and rock and blues and much more to his ambitious compositions. Catch him and his octet Wednesday at Blues Alley (202/337-4141). Thursday, one of the all-time great live acts, Morris Day & the Time, performs at the Classics in Camp Springs (301/420-5353).