Today Fast Forward finds a new home on the front of the Friday Business section. And Weekend expands an old favorite and creates what we hope will be a new one.

Weekend's Best on Page 3 has always bulged at the seams with fun things to do. Starting today, we have increased space to highlight more choices as we spread to Page 4. We're also offering more guidance with recommendations from our staff on things you shouldn't miss in the areas of nightlife, movies, museums and galleries, theater, dance and concerts.

Readers have asked for greater lead time to allow them to plan their leisure, and we're answering with Plan Ahead, a page at the back of Weekend (Page 78) that looks at coming events; movie, play and museum openings; tickets going on sale; and the next Weekend cover story. We'll also remind you what plays and exhibitions are closing, so you can catch them before they go.

Be sure to plan this week with Weekend's Best and look forward to future fun with Plan Ahead.

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And thanks for reading Weekend.