Pamela the Politician?

What next? There's talk that Pamela Anderson Lee might run for office. Alec Baldwin was apparently so impressed with Pam's speech at a recent animal rights affair in L.A. that he's now urging her to take up politics. "She's got this reputation as a bimbo, but she's incredibly articulate," a fellow partygoer told On Thursday night, Jay Leno quizzed the former "Baywatch" babe about her political intentions. "Well, I am Canadian, so that is the only reason I am not running," said the blond bombshell. To which Leno suggested: "Well, you could run for king of Canada. They have a king up there?" Her response to that says it all: "Yes, they have a king and queen of Canada. I could be the prime minister or ministress. Is that what they call it?"

In other celebrity-politician news, National Rifle Association leader Charlton Heston says Warren Beatty would make an excellent presidential candidate. He told Fox News that he admires Beatty even though their political opinions differ greatly. "If you do get nominated," Heston wrote Beatty, "I could not accept the position of the vice president but would consider accepting the position of secretary of defense."

Mary Bono's Country Affair

The romance continues between Rep. Mary Bono (R-Calif.) and country music drummer Brian Prout. At the Country Music Awards this week in Nashville, Bono and her beau chatted with Washington's WMZQ radio personalities Gary Murphy and Jessica Cash, who later reported that the couple are planning to marry. Bono, who has been wearing a diamond ring from Prout, said she's not engaged yet. "It was a flippant comment. I was just teasing them," she said, adding that Prout found it funny, too. "He's got such a great sense of humor."

End Notes

The will of John F. Kennedy Jr., filed yesterday, left his personal property to his sister Caroline's three children and money from a multimillion-dollar trust to family, friends and charities. The will does not state the value of the estate but says it is worth more than $1 million; it had been estimated at $30 million to $100 million . . . U2's Bono was in town yesterday to promote Jubilee 2000, a campaign urging rich countries to mark the millennium by forgiving the debt of Third World nations. On Thursday, the Irish pop star took his cause to Italy, where he met with Pope John Paul II. Bono told reporters that the pontiff asked to try on his sunglasses . . . Game show host Bob Barker will be released from George Washington University Hospital today, five days after successfully undergoing surgery to clear a blocked artery . . . Jack Nicholson is being sued for bad driving. The two people involved in an early July fender-bender with the 62-year-old actor are seeking unspecified damages in their personal-injury suit . . . Henry Winkler, a k a "The Fonz," is so wary of germs that he constantly arms himself with antiseptic wipes to sanitize surfaces he encounters . . . D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams has proclaimed Monday as Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company Day, in honor of its 20th anniversary . . . Debbie Allen will be at Vertigo Books at noon today to sign copies of her new children's book, "Brothers of the Knight."