A Night of Passionate Tango at Wolf Trap

It was a perfect night for romance: full moon, flawless weather, beautiful men and women and . . . tango. "It's walking and making love at the same time," cooed Argentine Ambassador Diego Ramiro Guelar.

His South American homeland provided the inspiration for the 1999 Wolf Trap Ball Friday night, where more than 1,000 patrons discovered passion on and off the dance floor.

Actor and tango fanatic Robert Duvall, who displayed his elegant style with longtime Argentine paramour Luciana Pedraza, led the list of those who dared tackle the complicated, sensual dance. Co-chair Megan Beyer took lessons for months to slink gracefully to the music. And ABC's Sam Donaldson was at least willing to try. "I do not know how to tango, but I'll tango up a storm . . . particularly after a couple glasses of wine," he said. (There were no confirmed sightings, however.)

Most of the crowd opted for less demanding moves. Virginia Gov. James Gilmore and his wife, Roxane, boogied to "We Are Family." John McLaughlin stuck to his tried-and-true formula: "I do a simple double shuttle, and I fake everything with it." And Sen. Chuck Robb (D-Va.) looked awfully cute shaking those hot pink plastic maracas.

So what if most Virginians can't really tango? Don't cry for them, Buenos Aires. They threw a really great party.

Diplomatic Aid for MS

The 21st annual Ambassador's Ball honored Washington's diplomatic corps and also raised a record $600,000 to fight multiple sclerosis. Pakistan's former prime minister Benazir Bhutto provided international flair at Thursday night's gala at the Grand Hyatt, but the spotlight was on television personality Montel Williams, right, with Debra Schiff, who was diagnosed with MS in March. "It's a real marriage of the diplomatic community and a medical cause," said co-chairman Susan Blumenthal Markey.

For Diane Rehm, Plenty to Celebrate

Tuesday night was one of those cup-runneth- over evenings for WAMU-FM talk show goddess Diane Rehm, right. Hundreds of Rehm's friends and fans, including Deborah Tannen, Jim Lehrer and Peyton Lewis, right, gathered at the Corcoran Gallery of Art to celebrate (a) her 20th anniversary as the most civilized host on public radio; (b) the publication of her memoir, "Finding My Voice"; (c) Rehm's 63rd birthday; and (d) the birth 24 hours earlier of her second grandson. "I feel like Cinderella and the fairy grandmother all at once," said the radiant guest of honor.