* Major League Baseball playoffs on WRC and ESPN.

* The season debut of "Sports Night" on WJLA.

* The return of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and the premiere of "Angel" on WBDC.

* Charlie and Kirsten get married on the season premiere of "Party of Five" on WTTG.

* "Not Your Mother's Breast Cancer" on Lifetime.

* And Dan Quayle appears on "Late Show With David Letterman" on WUSA.


Major League Baseball Playoffs (CC). Cincinnati or Houston at Atlanta (ESPN at 4 p.m.); Texas at New York Yankees (Channel 4 at 8); Houston or New York at Arizona (ESPN at 11).

Cable Special

Not Your Mother's Breast Cancer. Host Meredith Vieira looks at the latest information on mammograms, genetic testing, surgery and treatments that are increasing the quality of life for breast cancer survivors. One hour (Lifetime at 8).

Public Broadcasting

Scientific American Frontiers (CC) returns for its 10th season with a voyage to the Galapagos Islands (Channel 22 at 8).

Nova (CC) returns for its 26th season with a report on the emergency efforts to save the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Channel 26 at 9).

Series Premiere

Angel (CC) (Channel 50 at 9) is previewed by Tom Shales on Page C1.

Season Debuts

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (CC). Now a freshman at the University of California, our heroine has difficulty adjusting to college life (Channel 50 at 8).

Party of Five (CC). At long last, Charlie and Kirsten tie the knot; meanwhile, Bailey and Sarah reevaluate their tenuous relationship (Channel 5 at 9).

Sports Night (CC). Still recovering from his stroke, Isaac defends his right to work, and Dana and Casey share a passionate kiss (Channel 7, 9:30).


Ally (CC). An obese man falls in love with Ally after she saves his life (Channel 5 at 8).

Shasta McNasty (CC). Debuting at its regular time. The gentlemen spy on their female neighbor (Channel 20 at 8; another episode follows).

Once and Again (CC). Rick and Lily's families come together at a state carnival (Channel 7 at 10).

Judging Amy (CC). The parents of a murdered young girl decide to sue the killer's parents (Channel 9 at 10).

Late Night

Late Show With David Letterman (CC). Dan Quayle makes his first appearance as Letterman's guest (Channel 9, 11:35).