There seem to be complications in regard to Hillary Rodham Clinton's race for the Senate. Just when it looked as if she would toss her bonnet into the ring in New York, Gov. Christine Todd Whitman decided not to run for the Senate from New Jersey. So the race in Jersey is wide open, and people have been urging Hillary to run from that state instead of New York. This makes some sense because it's much cheaper to run for the Senate in New Jersey than in New York, and you don't have to travel as much. The only disadvantage is that you can't campaign when the Giants or the Jets are playing in the Meadowlands. Also, Chappaqua, where the Clintons are buying a place, is closer than Trenton when Hillary wants to come home in the evening.

Michael Mensa has an even better idea.

He suggests Hillary run from both New York and New Jersey at the same time so that her chances of winning are twice as good--either in one state or the other.

Jersey and New York have two different sets of problems, so Hillary could campaign in different ways in each one.

For example, New Jersey has a garbage problem. The problem is that it keeps getting New York's garbage. Hillary would promise New Jersey voters that, if elected, she would see that Connecticut gets New York's garbage.

New York has problems of its own. None of its citizens can get through the Holland and Lincoln tunnels on the weekends. Hillary could promise New Yorkers if she were elected she would build another tunnel financed by and named after Donald Trump.

I brought up the fact of residence. It appears that Hillary will be moving to New York. New Jersey voters would want their senator to reside there.

Mensa said, "Hillary could spend the winter in New York and the summer in Newark."

Mensa said the important thing is where President Clinton plays golf. New York has more golf courses, but to play you have to tee off at 5 o'clock in the morning. You don't have to tee off until 7 a.m. in New Jersey.

I then asked if anyone had ever run for senator in two states at the same time before. He said, "No one from Arkansas has."

Anyway, the idea is being given consideration by Democrats in both states. It would cost more money, but it would be worth it.

I asked Mensa what would happen if Hillary won in both states. He replied, "Then Hillary could move the Brooklyn Museum to Trenton."

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