The House Is Not a Home

* The Source's resident "It" Couple--Rep. Mary Bono (R-Calif.) and her country drummer boyfriend, Brian Prout--were spotted smooching yesterday in the Rayburn Room between votes on the House floor. While they weren't frightening horses and children in the highly trafficked meeting area that often resembles a bus station, witnesses told us that Bono and Prout didn't lack for passion.

"They were just inside the doorway and it was real kissing," said one informant.

Said another: "It was less than making out, but there was repeated kissing and definitely lip-lock. He had a goofy grin on his face afterward."

We reached Bono's press secretary, Frank Cullen, who was in the middle of explaining things in the dullest possible way when Bono herself grabbed the phone. "It was not a big, passionate kiss--that's totally unfair," the congresswoman told us. "We were not lip-locked by any means. It's my 38th birthday on Sunday and I'm not going to see Brian because he has to tour with his band"--Diamond Rio. "It was just a quick little kiss goodbye, certainly not anything to upset Washington decorum. Anybody who would think that ought to get a life. And if you want me to confirm that I'm in love with him, yeah, I'm in love with him, and that's that!"

So, for His Next Trick, Will Bradley Go One-on-One With Gore?

We're not sure if this is a quali- fication for the presidency, but former New York Knick Bill Bradley can still, at 56, make baskets from the foul line with his eyes closed. If you don't believe us, "60 Minutes" will broadcast documentary evidence this Sunday. "We took him back to Madison Square Garden, and he shot some baskets with his eyes closed from different positions on the court, and he made three foul shots in a row," said correspondent Ed Bradley, who insists that he's not a relative of the Democratic presidential contender. "I was impressed," Ed told us. "He has great muscle memory."

We, of course, sought reaction from Vice President Gore's camp-- which has been pressing Bradley for one-on-one debates--and to learn whether Gore has any special talents. "My guy climbed Mount Rainier and ran a marathon," said press secretary Chris Lehane. "Maybe he can't make baskets with his eyes closed, but he's willing to have three debates next week with his eyes closed."

The Quadruple Lutz Pales Next to This

* Figure skater extraordinaire Michael Weiss and wife Lisa yesterday delivered a baby boy--7-pound, 20-inch Christopher Michael--at 9:36 a.m. at Inova Fairfax Hospital. In case the kid had trouble recognizing his father, "I have this T-shirt on that says, 'This one is Daddy,' " the 23-year-old former Olympic athlete told us from the neonatal ward. "And I've already taken two rolls of film. As soon as he came out"--via C-section--"like 30 or 40 seconds later, he was laying on his back and he started peeing all over the nurse. I got it on videotape!" Hmmm. Nice!

The Fairfax resident, who's looking to defend his title at the U.S. Men's National Championships next February, told us he's bracing for many more days of "changing diapers between my short and long programs." The couple also has a 13-month-old daughter, Annie Mae, who usually jets about with Mom and Dad. When Christopher gets a bit older, "he'll travel with us, too," Weiss said. "Everyone keeps telling me he looks a lot like me--which, of course, I'm thrilled about."


* "Law & Order" star and New York resident Richard Belzer, who'll emcee the Top Cop Awards at the Washington Hilton tonight, sounds jaded about a Senate race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rudy Giuliani: "I'm into it in terms of the psychology and drama, as an entertainment, but politically I think it's absurd--a vicious embarrassment between two people who couldn't deserve each other more."

* Actress Anne Archer and her son, Tom Davis, an official of the Church of Scientology, joined members of Congress yesterday to urge the German government to stop "discriminating against" religious minorities. The German Embassy referred us to its government's stated policy that Scientology is a commercial venture, not a religion.

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