The reports are that Redskins Stadium may soon be something like FedEx Field, thanks to the delivery Goliath forking over $200 million for naming rights for 27 years. We applaud the deal, if only for etymological reasons. Lots of companies have put their names on stadiums over the past few years, but the corporate monikers are enigmatic. Cinergy Field? 3Com Park? ProPlayer Stadium? At least we know what FedEx does.

And who knows? Maybe renaming the stadium is only the first step; maybe team owner Daniel Snyder will expand the deal with FedEx into other team areas. Some possible headlines from the next quarter-century at FedEx Field:

Browns Crush Redskins, 66-0

Turner: 'We're Absolutely, Positively the Worst Team in the League'

FedEx Grounds Jets

Soggy Field Stalls New York Running Game; Redskins Win, 28-3

Former Redskins Owner Dogged by Fed, Ex

IRS Audits John Kent Cooke Jr., Marlena Sues for More Money

Redskins Player Apologizes for Remark

Branding Becomes Issue After Stubblefield Says He 'Went Postal' on Giants; FedEx Claims Tackle 'Endorsed Rival'

Snyder Says Redskins Will 'Stay Put'

Owner Denies Speculation that FedEx Sponsorship Enables Team to Leave City Overnight; Colts Owner Irsay: 'Why Didn't I Think of That?'

Team Cost-Cutting Means FedEx Will Fly Redskins to Away Games

'Linemen Will Easily Fit in Largest Zip Pouches,' Company Claims

Redskins to Alter Uniforms

Padded Football Pants Replaced by Natty FedEx Shorts

Redskins Coach Legally Changes Name to Include FedEx Motto

Norv Turner Now 'World on Time Turner'