Legal Tangle Teased Out

Channel 4 news anchor Barbara Harrison has settled her lawsuit with Ilo Day Spa, the Georgetown salon that sued her for nearly $5,600 in allegedly unpaid bills. Settlement terms were not released.

Gary Walker, the salon's owner, sued his former client a year ago, claiming that she'd stiffed him for services for her and members of her family dating back to 1994. Harrison--who stopped visiting the salon in 1997 when her longtime stylist, Ronald Braso, was fired over an ownership dispute--contended that she only owed $589.30. She also said there was no proof--receipts and such--that she owed any more than that.

In a statement released yesterday, Walker's attorney, Juan Chardiet, said the case was "amicably resolved." He added: "We wish to emphasize that we regret any misimpression that was created as a result of the lawsuit and . . . that nothing that has been reported in this matter should in any way adversely impact her reputation."

Rodman and Electra Arrested

Basketball weirdo Dennis Rodman and his wife, Carmen Electra, were thrown in jail yesterday and charged with battery after a screaming fight at a Miami Beach hotel. Rodman, a former NBA star, and Electra, a model and former "Baywatch" babe, were arrested around 7 a.m. and taken, in handcuffs, to Miami-Dade County Jail, police said. They were released about 3 p.m. after each posted $2,500 bond.

Police said both suffered minor injuries, including facial scratches. Witnesses at the Bentley Hotel said a disheveled-looking Electra was yelling at Rodman and asking him why they couldn't be alone. They married in Las Vegas in November 1998. Electra filed for divorce in April, but the two have apparently remained a couple.

Traficant, Abreast of Events

Rep. James Traficant (D-Ohio) supports women going topless.

At least he supports female rugby players who take off their jerseys and pose for pictures in front of the Lincoln Memorial, as the Ohio State University women's team did last weekend. The women--who were caught on film by a Washington Post photographer--didn't break any D.C. laws, but their toplessness got them in hot water with university officials, who've suspended the players from games and practices pending an investigation.

"Leave these foxy ladies alone," Traficant hollered on the House floor Wednesday, according to Roll Call. "If Americans can forgive the president, Ohio State University can forgive these Buckeye divas."

End Notes

Former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith says her late hubby, oil man J. Howard Marshall, promised her half of his $1 billion fortune. The 31-year-old Smith, who is battling Marshall's son in an L.A. court for her share of the money, claims she was fraudulently left out of her husband's will. Marshall died in 1995 at age 89 . . . People magazine reports that the new Oxford Dictionary of Quotations will feature some memorable celebrity sayings, including Madonna's "Being blond is definitely a different state of mind." . . . Off with her head! Queen Elizabeth showed up at a London lunch this week and found that the hostess, Lady Mayoress, Lady Levene of Portsoken, was dressed in the very same blue suit.

CAPTION: The unhappy couple: Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman, still crazy after all this year.

CAPTION: News anchor Barbara Harrison and the Ilo Day Spa brush aside their dispute.