* Some talking head on television will mispronounce the word "negotiations," calling them "negoseeations."

* Thousands of people will appear in public wearing sandals with socks.

* You will no longer be able to submit entries for the special super Style Invitational contest to create a new cartoon in The Washington Post.

Listen, we have extended the original deadline a week. We have our reasons. They are not pretty. But come Nov. 22, we close our doors, and our hearts, to you.

The contest is to submit three- or four-panel story lines, with dialogue, as an episode for any of three new comic strips, which are explained below.

Diogenes Gump: This berobed figure wanders the streets of Washington. Everyone he shakes hands with must tell the truth for 24 hours.

Bryan Winter, Scumball: He's single, handsome and a complete cad.

The Dead Presidents Society: The ghosts of former presidents haunt the nation's capital, observing and interacting with the citizenry.

No need to draw the cartoons. Just write the dialogue. Send your submissions by mail to CARTOONZ, C/O The Style Invitational, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. Or fax them to 202-33-44312. Or e-mail them to losers@washpost.com. Deadline is Nov. 22. All entries become the property of The Washington Post.