Many have been dubbed "Prime Minister of Sinister," but no one deserves the title more than Glenn Danzig. The co-founder of the seminal Misfits worked double duty at Nation Saturday night, singing with his former group, Samhain, and his current one, Danzig.

Samhain existed from 1983 to 1988, and Danzig revived the name for this tour, burning through 12 songs in 35 minutes. Samhain even resuscitated the band's signature move, disappearing mid-set and returning for the second half, after much tortured wailing, covered in blood. Amusing, but more a treat for Danzig's longtime fans than anything else.

The initial lurch of "Five Finger Crawl" immediately established the singer's namesake outfit as far more authoritative. Goth-metal thudding that has influenced such doom harvesters as Pantera and System of a Down, songs like "7th House" and "Lillin" allowed the singer's soaring bellow to break free.

An imposing presence (hobbies: black arts, weightlifting), Danzig sprinted across the stage, punching and pumping beside guitarist Todd Youth and bassist Josh Lazie. Drummer Joey Castillo occasionally benefited from industrial-tinged backing tracks, but "Dirty Black Summer," "Twist of Cain" and "Bringer of Death" needed no assistance to transcend their cartoonish titles. Though the predominantly male crowd reacted with more curiosity than frenzy, Danzig's first tour in three years is proving to be up to his usual menacingly entertaining standards.