Rosie Sticks to Her Gun Principles

Outspoken gun-control champion Rosie O'Donnell says she's quitting as Kmart's chief pitchwoman. According to the New York Daily News, the TV talk show host says her future gun-control endeavors would make it tough for her to keep starring in commercials for the gun-selling retail giant. "It's only fair to Kmart that I stop doing commercials," said O'Donnell, who has notably sparred on-air with Tom Selleck over the issue. O'Donnell's spokeswoman, Lois Smith, added: "It was important for her to take herself out of commercials so neither she nor Kmart would be further criticized." However, Kmart insiders told the Daily News that O'Donnell was actually canned, because the company was tired of negative publicity over her gun stance.

Short-Term Bond?

The very sexy Pierce Brosnan, the best 007 in our opinion, says his days as the world's most famous spy are numbered. Age, it seems, is taking its toll. "You have to be physically fit to do these movies," Brosnan, 46, told TV Guide. "You have to have stamina, let alone the desire. They're long shoots--six months." So how long will the Irish hunk keep blowing up the bad guys? "I don't know. One more? Two more? I can't give you an honest answer." Brosnan--who just opened in the 19th Bond flick, "The World Is Not Enough"--says he is under contract to do at least one more Bond picture.

Alexandria's Wrap Master

Marilyn Comer, an Alexandria homemaker, picked up $10,000 yesterday as winner of the Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest. Comer beat out seven other finalists--including professional wrappers from Nordstrom and Macy's--during a two-hour competition in New York City. Comer, who has been gift-wrapping since girlhood, was judged on how she wrapped a hat box, a skateboard, a pogo stick and a large rocking horse. "I was really nervous," she told us. "The first round I didn't even look up. My hands were shaking." Comer said the secret to her wrapping success is her bows. "They had ready-made bows there, but I made my own. They had lovely bolts of ribbon. . . . A pretty bow really makes the difference."

Model Misbehavior

Supermodel Naomi Campbell might want to work on her press relations. The 29-year-old Brit vexed journalists recently when she showed up 90 minutes late for a news conference in the United Arab Emirates, then answered only four questions--the ones from her own people. The Gulf News, an English-language daily, wrote thusly: "Naomi Campbell--supermodel or superbrat?"

End Notes

We had no idea that Washington lobbyists were so literary. Hordes of them showed up Thursday at the National Press Club's Book Fair and Authors' Night, where they bought, in bulk, copies of Pennsylvania Rep. Bud Shuster's new novel, "Double Buckeyes," which tells of life in a Pennsylvania steel town during World War II. The Post's Eugene Robinson reports that one expensively dressed fiction lover bought 26 copies from Shuster, the powerful Republican chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The book lists for $19.95. . . . In other congressional book-signing news, John Glenn will hawk his memoirs this afternoon at the Costco in Arlington . . . Will Smith wants to become the first black president. "I've got a lot of other things I've got to do first, but I think I'll get round to it in about 10 years' time," the actor and rapper told the Sun tabloid . . . The estranged wife of Bryant Gumbel trashes him in the newest People mag. Seems the morning TV host has a new live-in girlfriend. "People just accept infidelity from celebrities like it's okay or fashionable--I think it's disgusting," said June Gumbel, adding that she's a devout Catholic who finds it "difficult to dissolve a marriage." Guess her hubby of 26 years may not get that divorce he's seeking.