Summer Championships

In July, thousands of players came to San Antonio for the Summer Championships, biggest of the American Contract Bridge League's annual tournaments. The Spingold Teams, the major event, was won by Nick Nickell's all-star squad for the sixth time in seven years.

The standard of play in the final was high. In today's deal Dick Freeman, South for NICKELL, took the jack and king of clubs, led a diamond to his queen and tried the ace of clubs. When East discarded, Freeman led a diamond to dummy and returned a heart. East took the ace and led the ten of spades to defeat the contract.


Finding the winning defense was harder at the other table. The auction began the same way, but South bid 3NT over two hearts; West had no chance to double a spade bid to show his strength.

West led a club again; and South took the jack but led a heart next. NICKELL's East, Eric Rodwell, brilliantly rose with the ace and led the ten of spades.

This week: more San Antonio deals.


You hold: S 6 5 H K Q 6 2 D A K J 7 5 C K J. Your partner opens one club, you respond one diamond and he next bids one spade. The opponents pass. What do you say?

ANSWER: You're headed for game or slam, but you need not jump and crowd the auction. Bid two hearts, a "reverse" by responder that forces to game and suggests longer diamonds than hearts. If partner next bids 2NT, you can raise to 4NT as a "quantitative" slam try, not Blackwood.

Neither side vulnerable

North dealer

S 6 5

H K Q 6 2

D A K J 7 5



S A Q J 9

H 9 7 4

D 6 3

C Q 9 8 7


S 10 7 3 2

H A 8 5 3

D 10 8 4

C 4 2


S K 8 4

H J 10

D Q 9 2

C A 10 6 5 3

The bidding:


1 D

2 H

2 NT






1 NT

2 S

3 NT




All Pass

Opening lead -- C 7

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