NBC has reversed its decision to not rebroadcast a recent "Saturday Night Live" sketch titled "And So This Is Hanukah," saying now that it "will air again unedited."

The sketch, a parody of the CBS special "And So This Is Christmas," featured "Saturday Night Live" cast members pretending to be pop stars and saying Jews "own all the movie studios and banks" and Christians have forgiven them "for killing our Lord."

NBC's reversal comes 10 days after Rosalyn Weinman, NBC's head of broadcast content policy, wrote to the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith promising that the network would not re-air the sketch, which was broadcast Dec. 4. "We have decided that a portion of the sketch . . . was problematic and therefore will be excised from all future broadcasts," Weinman wrote.

Yesterday, NBC released a statement saying: "We have reviewed the viewer response to the SNL sketch and have decided that it will air again unedited. Today's environment makes our judgment calls in these situations increasingly difficult because we must find a balance between being politically correct and being funny in a nonhurtful way."

Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman said he was "saddened" that NBC "took the low road rather than the high road and didn't follow the standard that was set in their original decision."

Foxman said he was more distressed that viewer feedback played a part in the decision. "To couch the statement as they did in an opinion poll--that's a new one on me," he said. "Since when did 'Saturday Night Live' take polls in terms of what is politically correct or funny or whatever?"