Pearl Jam's manager has announced that the band will not work with House of Blues Concerts on its 2000 tour because the promoter sold blocks of prime seats for past shows to ticket brokers. "Every time we've caught a promoter scamming us in some way, we've just never used them again," Kelly Curtis told the Denver Post. "The recourse we're taking is not to work with House of Blues. It's all we can do."

Scalping accusations also have marred a relationship between House of Blues and the Backstreet Boys, stemming from a Halloween concert at Denver's new Pepsi Center. Officials of the Backstreet Boys' management group, The Firm, accused House of Blues promoters of channeling 1,000 tickets to brokers, who resold the prime seats for up to 10 times their face value of $38.50.

A House of Blues spokesman denied that the company knew of scalping, but has acknowledged that hundreds of tickets ended up with scalpers. . . .

Like the Artist formerly known as Prince, goth rocker Marilyn Manson is ditching his name for a symbol. On his official Web site, Manson says he'll be known only as a sign he dubbed "Omega" that looks just like the Artist's gender-fusing symbol, but with little horns. "From now on you will recognize me as this symbol and this symbol alone," writes Manson. He has also announced that he won't appear in public until his new album, "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death," comes out next year.