Budget deficits? Gun control? Only one question truly lights up the night sky in Washington, D.C.:

How do you tell if a person you're eyeing is Mr. or Ms. Right?

Many singles I know approach each date as if they were the FBI, and the person they're considering as a dinner companion is a candidate for high federal office.

They ask which magazines the person reads. They interview childhood friends. They demand signed affidavits that prove the person will share the popcorn at the movies.

And as often as not, all the tests don't provide a surefire answer.

Levey has just ensured his place in history. He has developed a new litmus test. Better, he has come up with a woman (single) who swears it works.

The method can be used only by women, on men, I'm assured. It's called The Get a Look at the Back Seat of His Car Test.

If that back seat is pure and pristine, the guy might be worth a flyer, I'm told. If the back seat is a catastrophe of last month's newspapers, soda cans, fast food wrappers and junk mail, send the guy back to mother.

This came up because of a throwaway line that R. Levey, Former Single, used in a recent edition of his deathless online chat show on washingtonpost.com, "Levey Live: Speaking Freely."

Robert-Boy was beating up on sport utility vehicles, as usual. Meanwhile, he was praising station wagons to the sky. He said that one reason he loves the Levey family wagon is that he can toss junk into the way-back and not feel guilty. If you did that in an SUV, he said, the Yuppie Police might lead you away in handcuffs.

That led to a discussion of what kind of crud Levey (and others) tosses into the backs of wagons. One person said he or she once tossed a piece of pizza into Waybackland--and didn't reclaim it for six months. Levey admitted tossing a banana peel and "forgetting" to collect it. It was black by the time he did.

Anyway, my Litmus Woman long ago decided not to date any man whose car looks like a "rolling landfill," she said.

Recently, there was a guy who had possibilities, she revealed. He went back onto the shelf when she saw the back seat of his car. A spinnaker (a large triangular sail mounted on a long pole) consumed most of it.

Do any of the rest of you have tales of romances that wilted because of debris in the back seat? Let me know via the usual methods (mail: Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071, phone: 202-334-7276, fax: 202-334-5150, e-mail: leveyb@washpost.com). And if anyone mails me a black banana peel, I'll never share my popcorn with him in the movies again.


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